PowerBoss Dust Stop - Side Broom Jacket

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PowerBoss Dust Stop – Side Broom Jacket

A Waterless Dust Control Option for Sweeping Machines

The purpose of an industrial sweeping machine is to collect and contain as much dirt, dust, and debris as possible, as efficiently as possible. To improve efficiency, most sweepers either have standard or optional side brooms which are attached to either or both of the front corners of the machine. These help to expand the sweeping width by guiding additional dirt under the sweeper for collection by the main broom and vacuum system. However, in particularly dusty environments, side brooms can have the unfortunate side effect of stirring up fine dust particles, countering your cleaning efforts. In some cases, a mist of water might be used to keep the dust down, but this can result in a muddy mess that’s hard to sweep up, or may simply not be viable based on the type of facility (imagine the sticky mess of trying to control sugar manufacturing dust with water). Now for the solution: Dust Stop Broom Jackets.

Diagram demonstrating how a side broom blows out dust without Dust Stop
Diagram demonstrating how Dust Stop blocks the airflow that causes dust to be cast off while sweeping

Normally, the spinning broom generates a suction and release of airflow that sprays fine dust into the air away from the machine. Dust Stop elegantly solves this problem by covering the side broom with a high-quality and eco-friendly Linatex jacket which cuts off the airflow without getting in the way of the broom’s sweeping ability and extended cleaning path. That means the machine operator will be breathing in less dust, and it’ll keep the dust from landing on adjacent shelves, equipment, or areas you’ve already cleaned. And when we say “less dust”, we mean up to 90% less compared to a conventional side broom!

* Diagrams provided by Hako.

Additional Benefits

It’s Clean AND Easy

Dust Stop Side Broom Jacket on Apex 58 Sweeper in Use

  • Easy installation and changing
  • Allows for unrestricted cleaning close to walls
  • Won’t damage objects or leave marks on the floor
  • Low noise
  • No use of water
  • Purus Innovation Award Winner at CMS Berlin 2019

Get Equipped with Dust Stop

Compatible With Most PowerBoss Sweepers

Waterless Dust Control | Dust Stop Side Broom Jackets


Install a Dust Stop on Your Sweeper

Dust Stop is easy to install! Order one online from Bortek Shop and experience the difference on your PowerBoss sweeper.


Dust-Free Industrial Sweeping

Take a look at the latest sweepers from PowerBoss and ask us about adding Dust Stop. Contact us for a free quote and demo.


Foundry Sweeping

Look at how much dust there isn’t! Even on a dirty foundry floor, Dust Stop keeps fine particles contained like nothing we’ve ever seen.