Advance Proterra Parking Lot Sweeper

You need a powerful and durable heavy-duty sweeper like the Advance Proterra to keep your business’s parking lots clean and free of debris like bottles and cans. The Proterra features Ana-logic Sweep System Activation, which allows for sweeping to begin instantaneously. The 14 cubic foot high dump hopper can hold large quantities of debris before needing to be emptied and includes a safety alarm that is controlled from inside the operator’s compartment for additional protection. The unique ClearView offset hopper setup allows the operator to see the areas around the front and side broom without having to lean outside of the cab.

The Proterra parking lot sweeper kicks up a minimum of dust while in operation, thanks to the state-of-the art DustClear system. DustClear includes the highly efficient DustGuard feature, which works by creating a “fog” near the side broom area that helps settle dust quickly. Other system components include the Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber, Liberator in Airflow Labyrinth, Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter and Airflow Restoration System. The impact-absorbing rust proof structure ensures years of efficient operation through all kinds of weather conditions.

The Proterra not only provides a “clean sweep” for all of your parking lots, it also is easy and safe to operate. The machine is equipped with power steering for easy maneuverability and Ana-logic controls for simple operation. Tilt steering is also available. The large shock-absorbing pneumatic tires make for the smoothest ride possible. A host of additional safety features are available as options, including front headlights, beacon light, rear bumper guard and backup alarm.