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PowerBoss Nautilus Floor Scrubber
PowerBoss Nautilus next to a clean path on a dirty floor
PowerBoss Nautilus scrubbing warehouse floor
PowerBoss Nautilus with side panels open to show parts
PowerBoss Nautilus scrubbing warehouse aisle
Before and after cleaning floor comparison
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  • LPG Powered
  • Cylindrical cleaning system
  • 48″ Cleaning Width
  • 105 Gallon Solution Tank
  • High Dump (Pending Availability)

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Our rental scrubber-sweepers are able to clean wide areas of floor and carry large volumes of cleaning solution, but are still maneuverable and able to get down warehouse aisles with ease. Their large cylindrical scrub brushes can sweep up small debris while scrubbing, potentially eliminating the need for a pre-sweep.

Unmatched Performance

We make sure that our rental models are less than three years old. Not only that, they’re kept in peak condition by our own team of factory-trained technicians. We are cleaning equipment specialists, and we have the parts and tools on-hand to assure that our rental fleet always provides the best cleaning possible.

We Know Clean™

At Bortek, we specialize in cleaning equipment and supplies. Unlike jack-of-all-trades rental places, we know how these machines work on the most detailed level. This allows us to keep our rentals well-maintained, recommend the machines that are best suited for your situation, and offer knowledgeable support when you need it.

Safety & Operation Training

To get the best performance out of your rental, you need to know how to use it. We won’t leave you hanging! We’ll make sure you know the safest and most efficient ways of operating your rental machine.

Our Model Comparable Model Comparable Model
Make PowerBoss Tennant Tennant
Model Nautilus T20 M20
Cleaning Path 48″ 40″ 40″
Power Source LPG LPG LPG
Scrub Type Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical
Solution Tank 105 gal 80 gal 56 gal
Recovery Tank 105 gal 95 gal 73 gal
Debris Tray 2.1 ft3 1.1 ft3 3.9 ft3
Minimum Aisle Turn 107.7″ 110″ 110″
Gradeability (Traveling/Scrubbing) 10° / 8° 10° / 8° 10° / 8°
Weight (Empty/GVW) 3,250 lbs. / 4,800 lbs. 3,300 lbs. / 4,900 lbs. 3,300 lbs. / ?
*Any prices listed on this page are estimates. Actual delivery charges will be quoted when the order is confirmed according to the rental location. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Rental rate covers the cost of normal wear and tear, excluding ground-engaging components. Any repair work required by physical damage sustained during the rental will be charged to the Renter at our regular service rates. Weekends and holidays are included in rental periods. One week rental periods are equal to seven calendar days. Rental machines displayed here may be substituted for similar models according to availability.