Factory Cat Scrubbers Make Cleaning Efficient

Cleaning your business is a necessity, but using a mop and bucket is an inefficient and time-consuming cleaning regimen. A Factory Cat scrubber is ideal for any business that wants to get the job done fast and easy. These compact machines maneuver easily in narrow aisles, as well as quickly clean larger spaces. A battery-operated Factory Cat scrubber has no emissions, so they can be used indoors safely without giving off any harmful fumes. Bortek Industries carries the best models of Factory Cat scrubbers in walk-behind and rider models.

Walk-Behind Factory Cat Scrubbers

The Mag series of walk-behind Factory Cat scrubbers delivers exceptional cleaning performance, quickly and efficiently. This makes them particularly suited to cleaning high-traffic areas with little or no disruption to others. Use a walk-behind Factory Cat scrubber to clean car dealerships, convenience stores, tractor trailer service bays, fabrication plants and any other areas where cleaning is necessary. In one pass, floors are powerfully scrubbed clean then vacuumed, leaving floors dry for immediate traffic.

Heavy-duty Factory Cat scrubbers are available in pad assist models. These models are self-propelled, making running the machine effortless for the operator. The Mag series of Factory Cat scrubbers are economically priced and deliver high cleaning productivity. This makes them some of the most popular scrubbers in the Factory Cat line. Contact Bortek Industries today to witness these machines in action.

Rider Factory Cat Scrubbers

The GTX and XR scrubbers combine the maneuverability of a walk-behind with the cleaning productivity of a ride-on. The operator can sit comfortably atop the machine during long-shift work without experiencing any fatigue. The large solution/recovery tanks, wide sweep paths and 7 hour run times mean you can cover large areas in a short amount of time – up to 49,000 square feet per hour. Achieve exceptional productivity with a rider Factory Cat scrubber from Bortek Industries.