PowerBoss Apex 58

Designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial use with a steel frame and synthetic panels. This rider sweeper is perfect for maneuvering with its tight turning radius.

The Apex 58 gives you the option of gas/LPG, diesel or battery power. As a result, all types of indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs are possible. The gas and diesel versions have powerful and consequently quieter 2-cylinder motors – the diesel version is water-cooled. These powerful drives give excellent climbing ability – to be precise, 18 % for the gas, diesel and battery versions. These machines are capable of long run times. Run times are up to 3 hours for the battery version and 10 hours for the gas, diesel and LPG versions.

An easily accessible high performance cassette-style filter system with a filter surface area of 54 sq.ft. ensures clean exhaust air. The flow technology of the vacuum system has been optimized to allow significantly longer operating times between filter changes. The machines also have the particularly effective R^2 S filter cleaning device (patented feature.) PowerBoss’s engineers designed the Apex 58 to ensure that even long shifts do not result in operator fatigue. An ergonomically optimized driving position gives users of widely differing builds a comfortable seat and a perfect view of the working surface.

The large wheels can even mount curbs effortlessly and ensure increased driver comfort on uneven surfaces. The large coarse dirt flap, operated from the driver’s seat, allows even large items such as stones or pieces of wood to be picked up. Once the 34 gallon dirt hopper is full, the 60” high-dump hopper makes for easy emptying into larger containers. The hopper can be used to the full capacity because of the lifting power of the high-dump hopper.



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