Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper

The Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper in a nutshell is known for its innovative design, robust construction, effective solutions for applications, and the large, unique waste hopper. This street and parking lot sweeper is the definition of cleaning perfection regardless of extreme temperatures, snow, rain, or shine. It will get the job done. Next to the typical operating spectrum of cleaning roads and parking lots, the 6000 is the solution while enlarging the spectrum of surface cleaning into all environments. The 6000, whether it be for municipal use, cement and steel foundries, industrial, power plants, or use at an airport, is perfectly suitable for hard to reach areas due to its compact dimensions and the unique maneuverability.

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This product has been replaced by the Dulevo D6 Street & Parking Lot Sweeper. Click here to see the new machine!

ENVIRONMENT: Uniquely, the Dulevo and environmental awareness go hand-in-hand. The lowest noise and dust emission of the Dulevo minimizes the impact it has on the surrounding area. That along with consuming the  lowest amounts of fuel and water ties back to the basic concept of the 6000 Revolution. There is a proven 100% reduction of fine-dust compared to standard sweeping equipment. Also, with water saving of up to 60%, the 6000 Revolution fulfills the future’s environmental demands. The engine also respects the latest emission regulations to ensure environmental friendliness. In cooperation with Gore®, Duvelo developed the only existing fine-dust filtration sweeper worldwide— the already famous mechanical-suction-filtration system in conjunction with the exclusive application of Gore® technology grants a total abatement of PM10 particles.

WORKING PERFORMANCE The patented working principle along with a combination of mechanical-suction/sweeping and an exclusive filtering system. The Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper grants a 60% cost saving and a 100% increase in overall productivity compared to any other standard suction sweeping equipment. The 6000 Revolution is reaching the maximum of productivity due to the flexible working width and the most efficient sweeping of any kind whether it be roadside debris, sand, rocks, trash, etc., the Revolution takes care of business with ease while efficiently consuming lower amounts of fuel and water which, in turn, eliminates frequent resetting times.



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  • COMFORT In addition to the application specifications, the ergonomics and operator’s comfort are a priority. The effective axle suspensions and ideal weight distribution ensure a balanced and safe driving experience. The powerful drive transmission manages difficult conditions and flat or sloped surfaces with ease. The hydraulically assisted and synchronized four-wheel steering greatly simplifies complex maneuvering in troublesome areas.

    CABIN The generous interior space of the cabin and quality seats makes the machine an extremely comfortable workplace. Additionally, the insulation and springs protects the operator from noise, emissions, and vibrations. The large window surfaces surrounding the cabin also allows for maximum visibility of the working area. The standard equipment includes heated mirrors, air conditioning, and an outlet.

    OPERATIONS The steering column is independently adjustable while accommodating the operator. The control panel is intuitive and displayed simplistically. The self-explanatory function buttons are used to maximize its ease of use as well as reducing operator error. The ergonomic joystick controls the front brush unit. The joystick positioned on the control unit located next to the driver’s armrest. All functions and operations can be conveniently managed directly from the cabin.

    ACCESS & SERVICE The innovative, modular structure with the unique tilt-able cabin as well as the top-centered position for all of the main components and allow for a simplistic and user-friendly access for any sort of maintenance or service!

    APPLICATION The full 180-degree motion of the massive front brush is an indispensable auxiliary tool for sweeping corners, gutters, and for increasing the overall working width. The step-less container and maximum lifting height support decentralized dumping of the debris material in refuse containers, trucks, or refuse compactors. A variety of options expand the working spectrum of the 6000 Revolution – anywhere, any time.

    SAFETY: Furthermore, the Dulevo remains at the forefront of safety and security in the working environment. Specifically, the LCD lit screen comes standard equipped with the 6000 Revolution. The screen is in the cabin along with an acoustical beeping warning to ensure save driving while in reverse.



    • No Maintenance
    • Self-cleaning effect
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Highest proofed absorption of particulates
    • Constant and Durable Filtering
    • 35% Higher Airflow
    • Resistant against liquids and pollutants