Need a Floor Scrubber in Reading, PA?

Searching for the best way to clean carpets and floors? Add a floor scrubber to your line of cleaning equipment supplies. Although some vacuum cleaners may claim to work as well as a floor scrubber, vacuums simply cannot compare to the deeper, more effective clean a floor scrubber provides. A single pass is all that is needed for a scrubber to remove the spills and stains that have become embedded into carpets and bare floors. Floor scrubbers work by dispensing a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubbing that solution into the floor, and then vacuuming the dirty water, leaving you with a dry, clean surface. For the ideal solution to your floor cleaning needs, purchase a floor scrubber for your Reading, PA business.

A Quality Floor Scrubber for Reading, PA Businesses

Bortek Industries™ carries floor scrubbers from the top manufacturers in the cleaning industry including Advance, Clarke, Kent and Fang. To satisfy a wide variety of applications, we offer walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on and large ride-on floor scrubbers. Contact our knowledgeable staff today; we can analyze your needs and help choose the ideal floor scrubber for your Reading, PA business.

Advance’s Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers for Reading, PA Businesses

Want to experience the best in scrubbing performance? Advance’s SC750 walk-behind scrubber delivers incredible value, high productivity and performance. The large solution and recovery tank provides over 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing. That means the operator spends more time cleaning and less time dumping, increasing your ROI faster. With ultra efficient operation, the SC750 uses less detergent, water, and energy, saving you significant cleaning costs. The available EcoFlex ™ ™ System allows you to clean as you see fit with the touch of a button, applying as little or as much detergent as needed. Operators use the perfect amount of detergent and power for every job. From ultra-light to heavy scrubbing, Advance’s SC750 walk-behind scrubber is the ideal choice for your Reading, PA company.

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