A Floor Scrubber Gettysburg, PA Companies Can Rely On

When you’re looking to add a floor scrubber to your cleaning regimen, Bortek Industries™ carries many makes and models from today’s leading manufactures. Our scrubbers are built to provide years of cleaning service. They run efficiently and are easy to use. More effective than vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers offer Gettysburg, PA businesses a deeper and more effective clean for their carpets and bare floors. In a single pass, a floor scrubber dispenses a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubs the solution in the floor, and then vacuums the dirty water, spills and stains that have become embedded into carpets and bare floors.

From portable walk-behind models to ride-on industrial models, our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which floor scrubber suits your budget and cleaning needs. We can even visit your Gettysburg, PA company and demonstrate any of our floor scrubbers. With unmatched customer service and support, Bortek Industries is the company of choice for cleaning supplies and equipment.

Bortek Industries Offers Cleaning Supplies for Gettysburg, PA Floor Scrubbers

Bortek Industries offers a full line of detergents for your floor scrubbers that can help boost your floor scrubber’s cleaning performance, while saving time and money. Our Sanifil® Products and U.S. Products cleaning supplies are designed for a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, ceramic tile, linoleum, natural stone and more. Ask our experienced technicians if we can help reduce your current cleaning costs.

Used Floor Scrubbers for Gettysburg, PA

Want an inexpensive floor scrubber for your Gettysburg, PA business without sacrificing quality? Bortek Industries offers an extensive inventory of pre-owned Floor Scrubbers. Each and every one of our machines has been reconditioned or completely overhauled by our expert technicians to ensure peak cleaning performance. Our floor scrubber inventory is constantly changing, so check our pre-owned equipment page often for new additions.

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