The Best Floor Scrubber for your Norristown, PA Company

Ready to shorten time spent on cleaning? Floor scrubbers can increase productivity and lower your cleaning costs. Today’s floor scrubbers run more efficient than ever before, using the least possible resources. Green models use less detergent and water further increasing your ROI. Our floor scrubbers are simple to maintain, which lowers maintenance costs. Plus, they are easy to run, often featuring push button operation. Floor scrubbers take clean to the next level. In one single pass, a floor scrubber dispenses a cleaning or stripping solution, scrubs the solution into the floor, than vacuums the dirty water, spills and stains that have become embedded into carpets and bare floors, enabling you to have a powerful clean in a short amount of time. For the ideal solution to your floor cleaning needs, contact us to add a floor scrubber to your Norristown, PA company.

Countless Floor Scrubbers for Norristown, PA

Whether you employ 5 or 500, Bortek Industries™ has the ideal floor scrubber for your Norristown, PA business. We carry scrubbers from today’s leading manufacturers, such as Advance, Clarke, Fang and Kent. In order to find the type of cleaning machine that works best for your Norristown, PA company, choose a model based on the size of the space you need to clean. We carry a variety of walk-behind, compact ride-on, mid-sized ride-on and large ride-on floor scrubbers. Portable walk-behind models, such as the Advance Warrior or the Fang 32T, are perfect for smaller companies. Advance’s 7765, a ride-on scrubber, is ideal for large warehouses. Contact us today. We would be happy to help you select the perfect floor scrubber for your Norristown, PA business. We can even visit your company to demonstrate any one of our scrubbers.

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