Advance Exterra 6340G Sweeper

One of the most effective sweepers for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, the Exterra offers superior dust control, innovative safety features, and low maintenance costs.

The Advance Exterra 6340G is unsurpassed in indoor and outdoor power sweeping. A 50 inch main broom – the widest in this sweeper class – combined with full time dust controlled dual side brooms*, creates an incredible 77 inch sweep path.

On conventional machines, dust is controlled at the main broom and, the side brooms must be raised in open areas to prevent airborne fugitive dust. The Exterra is not a conventional machine. The innovative DustClearFive Stage Dust Control System allows for full time use of the dual side brooms by controlling dust along the entire sweep path – including the side brooms. Productivity is then increased by up to 71% compared with conventional sweepers that control dust only at the main broom.

With superior dust control, innovative safety features, low maintenance costs, and ease of operation, the Advance Exterra redefines power sweeping.

* Optional features

Unique, Patented DustClear™ Five StageDust Control System

1.) DustGuard™ at the side brooms

2.) Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber

3.) Airflow Labyrinth

4.) Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter

5.) Airflow Restoration System all for dust control performance unsurpassed in the industry.

MaxAccess™ – Minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, reliability and longevity through quick and easy access to all engine and hydraulic components.

Easy To Operate – One-Touch™ controls and a single foot pedal controls direction plus activates the main and side brooms and offers the operator the easiest machine to use in the industry.

Clear-View™ – Offset hopper allows the operator to view the side broom and the area in front of the sweeper without having to lean outside the frame of the machine making it safer to use.

Operator Safety – Hopper safety arm is controlled from the operator’s compartment. Operator is safe from moving parts through the interlocking engine cover.  Impact-adsorbing body structure and 5 mph bumper provides the ultimate in operator safety.

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