PowerBoss Equipment

In order to ensure you get the longest useful life out of your equipment and facilities, you need to perform the proper level of upkeep. And that involves thoroughly cleaning them on a regular basis.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehousing, garbage collection or the food and beverage industries, you need to ensure impeccably clean working conditions. That way, you can deliver quality products and services to your customers — products and services that you’ve built your reputation on over the years.

When it comes to industrial sweepers, PowerBoss is one of the strongest brands on the market today. For 30 years, the company has offered a complete line of high-quality industrial sweeping machines. They stay on top of all industry trends, leveraging the latest technology and innovative design features with each new model.

The end result? A steady stream of customers who don’t look back after they use PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers.

Not only do the machines do great work, but they also work quickly and quietly. When your crew uses PowerBoss, they’re able to get the job done faster. That means happier employees and a healthier bottom line for your business.

While they’re certainly high-powered machines, PowerBoss sweepers must be maintained for optimal performance. It’s important to clean your machine regularly and make sure your PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers are operating exactly as designed. That way, you’ll get the most out of your machines and your facilities will be that much cleaner.

Bortek Industries: Your Source for PowerBoss Sweepers and Scrubbers

At Bortek Industries, we’re proud to deal and service PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers. It doesn’t make sense to spend the big bucks when you could get a machine that serves the same purpose for considerably less money. With Bortek Industries, you can turn in your old sweepers and get ones that have been restored to like-new condition.

From time to time, parts on your sweepers and scrubbers might break or need some sort of repair. Luckily, at Bortek Industries, we also provide PowerBoss parts. If you’re looking for something to fix your machine, you can be confident knowing you’ll find it in our comprehensive inventory.

On top of that, we carry a wide array of brushes and brooms. If you’re looking to upgrade or just replace a worn one, you’ve come to the right place. At Bortek Industries, we’ll help you restore your PowerBoss machines to their best working condition and you’ll certainly notice the results of our work.

We’re also equipped to service and repair PowerBoss machines. If your equipment isn’t working as it should be, we’ll work to get them back to like-new condition as quickly as possible.

Trade In Your Old PowerBoss Sweepers

Even the strongest pieces of machinery will depreciate over time. When those pieces of machinery are stretched to their limits in demanding environments, that time might come sooner than you might like.

The good news is you don’t have to run your old sweepers and scrubbers into the ground before figuring out what you’re going to do next. Instead, you can trade in your old PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers at Bortek Industries — and put those costs toward a new or pre-owned machine.

By making the decision to invest in state-of-the-art sweepers and scrubbers, you’ll reduce your expenses over time. Not only will the jobs be done quicker, but they’ll also be completed with higher quality. And as a result, you’ll get a longer useful life out of your facilities and you’ll also be able to easily maintain a healthy work environment. Ultimately, when you choose PowerBoss, your employees and customers will be happy, too.

From walk-behind scrubbers to rider sweepers, we offer a wide array of PowerBoss machines. If for whatever reason we don’t have the particular model you’re looking for on hand, we can source it easily. Our stock is constantly rotating, so you’ll soon find something in our inventory that meets your needs.

Prior to selling any preowned machines, our team of skilled technicians thoroughly inspects all of them, making sure everything is working at optimal levels. When you work with Bortek Industries, you don’t have to worry about walking away with anything but the best machinery on the market.

PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers are designed to thrive in the most demanding environments. The brand consistently innovates with every new model, so by upgrading to one of their sweepers, you can expect to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in technology.

Looking for Parts for Specific PowerBoss Models? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Every facility’s needs are different. Whereas a rider sweeping and scrubbing machine might be the best choice in the largest of warehouses, a walk-behind scrubber might work better in a different, more compact environment.

As you start searching for the PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers that will best meet the needs of your business, it’s important that you do your due diligence and find the machine that makes the most sense for your particular situation. This will ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and the best return on your investment. A representative at Bortek Industries will consult with you to find the best machine for your needs.

At Bortek Industries, we’re pleased to carry an extensive line of PowerBoss scrubbers and sweepers. We also have a complete catalogue of replacement and repair parts for all PowerBoss machines. If you’re looking to give your fleet a facelift, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for here.

We carry, repair and stock replacement parts for a variety of PowerBoss models, including:

  • PowerBoss Armadillo 9X and 9XR — Offering a sweep path of an impressive 64″, the Armadillo is constructed of steel to make sure the machine can withstand even the most grueling environments. If you want even more efficiency, opt for retractable dual side brooms which increase the machine’s sweep path to 77″.

With the Armadillo, your crew members can take care of as much as 184,800 square feet per hour. The machine boasts a state-of-the-art trash locating system, so technicians don’t have to worry about heading back and forth to the dump to get rid of all the waste. As a result, your crew will be more productive.

This machine is also extremely easy to clean. In fact, the Armadillo 9X/9XR was designed to easily rotate the engine out of the machine to gain access to the spaces that have traditionally been the hardest to reach.

The Armadillo is even engineered to navigate the harshest terrains with ease. The machine can handle bumps, curbs, parking lots, brick factories and steel mills without skipping a beat.

  • PowerBoss Collector 34 — Your business is certain to save money and reduce labor costs when you add the PowerBoss Collector 34 to your cleaning fleet. After all, the machine packs quite the punch thanks to its large broom and hopper system.

The Collector features an overthrow sweeping system that works to make sure the hopper achieves 100 percent capacity while in operation. This allows your crews to use the machines for longer periods of time before having to rid them of waste. When that time comes, the Collector has two separate hoppers to empty, which makes dumping dirt much easier.

Though the Collector is a formidable machine, it’s also surprisingly maneuverable. The sweeper features a propelled traction drive system, so your drivers will have impeccable control as they work to clean your facilities. Like the Armadillo, the Collector can also be used in jobs on all kinds of surfaces — including shopping centers, parking garages, loading docks, manufacturing centers, warehouses and more.

  • PowerBoss Apex 58 — Do you want your sweeper to run on gas, diesel or battery? The Apex 58 allows you to choose whichever option you like best. The versatile machine is suited to both indoor and outdoor jobs, so you can use the Apex with the confidence that comes with knowing it will get the job done in any environments.

The Apex can also run for up to 10 hours on either gasoline or diesel fuel, and it will run on three hours when powered by a battery. This longevity will help your crew get the job done quickly and thoroughly without having to take breaks to power up.

The machine is also extremely environmentally friendly. The Apex was designed with a high-performance filter system that ensures the exhaust it emits is cleaner than other machines on the market. Your crew will easily notice that the Apex is extremely comfortable. Ergonomically optimized, the Apex accommodates to workers of all body sizes — they’ll be comfortable even after long shifts.

Thanks to its large wheels, the Apex is suited for jobs in all kinds of environments whether they are inside or outside. You’ll notice the precision the machine brings to all jobs, as its accurate sweeping path ensures brooms are worn evenly.

At Bortek Industries, we’re proud to sell these PowerBoss machines as well as many more. We also carry all the parts and components you might need to restore your machines to their best working order.

Browse PowerBoss Brooms and Brushes


When you use anything often enough, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes worn out and needs to be replaced. The brooms and brushes attached to the PowerBoss machines you use to clean your warehouses are no exception.

If you want your PowerBoss machines to clean as thoroughly as they’re designed, you need to equip them with superior brushes and brooms. You can also increase the efficiency of your sweepers and scrubbers by increasing the size of the brooms and brushes you attach to them. This enables your crew to conquer more space in a shorter period of time, enhancing your bottom line along the way.

Bortek Industries is pleased to carry a complete selection of brooms and brushes that are compatible with all PowerBoss scrubbers and sweepers. If you’re looking to give your cleaning machines a facelift, you’ve come to the right place.

Using new brooms and brushes will ensure that your machines can conquer the dirtiest of stains. Your facilities and your customers will thank you for providing that extra layer of care to cleaning.

PowerBoss Used and Rentals from Bortek Industries

Are you in the market for a PowerBoss machine, but are unsure whether buying new is the best option? We have you covered with our pre-owned and rental PowerBoss cleaning machines.

Our rentals are available for varying periods of time, anywhere from one day through and past one year. If you want to test out a machine before committing to purchase or are not sure what your needs will be, a rental could be perfect for your needs.

The used PowerBoss machines at Bortek Industries are all expertly-maintained and go through an extensive checklist before we put them on sale. You can be sure that your used PowerBoss machine will function at a high level.

Repairs and Service for Any PowerBoss Sweeper and Scrubber


Are your PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers not working exactly as they should? Don’t sweat it — from time to time, even the strongest machines are going to require some extra attention.

At Bortek Industries, our team of skilled technicians is equipped to repair and service any PowerBoss sweeper and scrubber. Prior to signing off on a job, we thoroughly examine and test all machines. You can be confident knowing that your vehicles will return to you in better condition than you sent them in.

The success of your business starts with the cleanliness of your factories and facilities. Not only are unclean environments out of compliance with regulations, but you also risk the possibility of exposing your products to contamination.

By making sure that your PowerBoss machines are in proper working order, you’ll make it easier for your crews to do the job they’re tasked with: ensuring your warehouse is spotless when the day’s work is done. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep on these machines on your own. That’s where the professional technicians at Bortek Industries come into the picture.

If you want to make sure that your PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers are in the best working condition possible, contact Bortek Industries today. Our team of professionals is ready to answer any and all questions you might have, so you can shop with confidence every time. We’ll work hard to make sure that you make decisions from the best informed view.

With PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers, keeping even the biggest facilities clean becomes simple. So what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of PowerBoss machines today.