Factory Cat Sweepers – Made in the USA

Manufactured exclusively in the United States by the R.P.S. Corporation, Factory Cat sweepers are built tough to endure all your industrial cleaning requirements. From small businesses to large incorporations, Factory Cat sweepers can be found diligently working to keep floors clean and safe for traffic. Bortek Industries carries the best sweepers from walk-behind models to compact ride-on sweepers.

Factory Cat Sweepers and the Power of Three

Factory Cat has carved out a significant niche in the industrial cleaning industry. In fact, these sweepers have taken cleaning to the next level with these compact, battery-powered, high performance sweepers. This trifecta is what most clients love about these machines.

Battery-Powered Sweepers – No need to worry about having fuel on hand to refill your cleaning machine. No need to worry about harmful fumes and emissions while working indoors. These battery-powered sweepers can be charged in virtually any location from their convenient on-board charger.

Compact Factory Cat Sweepers – These machines are custom built to easily maneuver in tight, narrow spaces. Whether you need to clean a small convenience store or a steel mill, these sweepers go wherever you need to go while minimizing your cleaning time.

High-Performance Factory Cat Sweepers – Built to last for continuous day in and day out sweeping, Factory Cat can tackle your cleaning challenges. Powerful motors give the vacuum the power to suction up dirt, dust and even metal shavings. Ride-on models can easily climb ramps and can run up to 8 hours on a single charge.

When your business requires a cleaning machine, Factory Cat sweepers make the ideal choice. Contact Bortek Industries to see a Factory Cat sweeper in action at your business. We would be happy to review all the advantages of these industrial-cleaning machines.