30 Gallons

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  • Built on a reputation for exceptional toughness and cleaning performance, the MAG HD is equipped with steel construction for unmatched durability.

    Brush Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 29", 30", 33", 34"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The Factory Cat 30 allows you to safely and effectively disinfect and clean your facility, ensuring it’s safe for your employees and customers to get the job done.

    Brush Options: Orbital, Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 24", 28", 29", 30", 33", 34"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • An easy-to-use scrubber with a built-in sweeping function. Cleaning and emptying the tanks, replacing the brush, and regular use are designed with convenience in mind; no tools necessary!

    Brush Options: Cylindrical
    Cleaning Width: 28"
    Fuel Options: Battery