#3 Emerald 84 – Neutral Floor Cleaner

Emerald 84 is a fully synthetic floor cleaner for daily use. It won’t damage the gloss or film of the floor finish, but will neutralize cleaner residue. It contains optical brighteners and dissolves all ice melt and hard water films.

Proudly Made in the USA

Emerald 84 is a totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for daily use in any floor maintenance program. It’s slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue on the floor. Contains optical brighteners to enhance the beauty of the floor when it dries. Controlled foam makes this product ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Will dissolve all ice melt and hard water films, and will never leave the floor with a soap haze.


Damp Mopping:

Dispense diluted product into mop bucket. Dip mop into solution and wring out thoroughly. Mop floor in usual fashion, re-soaking mop and wringing regularly. If solution in bucket becomes dirty, discard and make up fresh solution.


Dispense diluted product into auto-scrubber. Auto-scrub all flooring using overlapping passes. Dispense, agitate, and pick up the solution.

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