PowerBoss Admiral 38C Scrubber/Sweeper

This scrubber/sweeper is the ideal ride on scrubber for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. The 38C provides vacuuming and intensive scrubbing, making this an all in one cleaning solution.

The PowerBoss Admiral 38C Scrubber/Sweeper is the ideal ride-on scrubber for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and countless other industrial applications where dirt and small debris need to be cleaned from the surface of floors. Even rough and structured flooring is no match for the Admiral 38C; its cylindrical brushes and sweeping function clean completely as they float over virtually any type of flooring. In fact, the Admiral 38C provides vacuuming and intensive scrubbing all in one pass, making this scrubber an all-in-one cleaning solution.

The 1.9 HP drive engine and single front wheel give this machine exceptional maneuverability and traction. The Admiral 38C Scrubber/Sweeper is easy-to-use with its one-touch operator controls. Simply press the green button and you are cleaning. Highly productive, the Admiral 38C has an 82-gallon solution and recovery tank. This means you spend less time dumping and more time cleaning. Plus, you can easily access the recovery tanks for cleaning and emptying. The Admiral 38C also runs quieter at less then 70dBs, giving you the ability to clean in areas where noise is a concern. Ergonomically designed, this ride-on scrubber offers high visibility for the operator. With scrubbing and vacuuming in one machine, the PowerBoss Admiral 38C is a powerful cleaning solution.

PowerBoss Admiral 38C Features:

  • Vacuums and scrubs in one pass
  • One touch operator controls
  • 82 gallon solution and recovery tank
  • Sound level < = 70dBs
  • Maintenance free gel batteries available
  • Tool free brush removal
  • Tool free squeegee removal
  • One button operation
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • We highly recommend using Bortek brand chemical products in this machine. Our cleaning solutions are made with scrubbers in mind, and designed to be low-foaming in order to prevent hazardous overflows.

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    PowerBoss Admiral 38C Sweeper-Scrubber Brochure Bortek Industries application/pdf 2 MB