Factory Cat GTR-XL Scrubber

FactoryCat’s GTR-XL Rider Floor Scrubber is known for its simple design and durable construction, now with an even larger scrubbing path!

The brand new Factory Cat GTR XL Rider Floor Scrubber is building on the Factory Cat GTR’s noteriety for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The GTR-XL Floor Scrubber Dryer matches the GTR’s effectiveness, but comes with the added benefit of larger available cleaning paths on its XL frame (that’s only 3″ longer than the standard frame!). You can get this machine with either a 36″ Disk and 37″ Cylindrical decks and, like it’s little brother, it also comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel drive for climbing ramps and max operator ease.

While keeping with the constant durability that FactoryCat machines have to offer, your operators will find the GTR Floor Scrubber Dryer easy to maneuver and simple to service. The deck is protected by the steel frame and large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls.

This machine is perfect for cleaning facilities with larger aisles or open areas as it will require fewer passes to completely clean. Places like shipping & distribution centers, airports, warehousing, manufacturing, etc. would all benefit from having an incredibly reliable battery-powered, heavy duty floor cleaning machine like the Factory Cat GTR-XL on hand.

The GTR-XL Scrubbers are available with Disk and Cylindrical scrub heads.

GTR-XL 36″ Disk Deck


  • Brush / Pad Selection
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost
  • Gimballed Drivers Improves Cleaning On Irregular Floors
  • Brushes Individually Driven For Unmatched Performance

GTR-XL 37″ Cylindrical Deck


  • Eliminates Dust Mopping
  • No Pre-Sweeping Required
  • Scrub & Sweep Simultaneously
  • Superior Expansion Joint Cleaning

Features & Benefits of the Factory Cat GTR-XL

Machine Control Panel uses off-the-shelf toggle and marine duty switches featuring universal icons which simplifies training.
Vacuum Muffler allows machine to consistently achieve as low as 70 dBA while thoroughly drying the floor.
Squeegee Adjustments made simple tool-less maintenance of the squeegee blade.
Fill System features a retractable hose for easy filling on standard sink-faucets and a stainless screen for bucket filling.
Oversized Vacuum Screen Shut-Off quickly arrests overfill issues to protect the Vacuum Motor.
High Performance motors and down pressure provides an unmatched standard of cleaning.
Stainless Steel Decks and Hoppers
HD Side Doors
HD Scrub Motors
Larger 12″ Front Wheel Drive
310 AH Batteries with 40 Amp Charger
Swing 45″ Squeegee

We highly recommend using Bortek brand chemical products in this machine. Our cleaning solutions are made with scrubbers in mind, and designed to be low-foaming in order to prevent hazardous overflows.

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650-29FC-ST, 650-30FD-ST, 650-33FC-ST, 650-34FD-ST, 660-29FC-HD, 660-30FD-HD, 660-33FC-HD, 660-34FD-HD

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Factory Cat Full-Line Brochure application/pdf 2 MB
Factory Cat O3+ Brochure- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 4 MB
Factory Cat ZerO3- OnBoard Sytem application/pdf 1 MB
ZerO3- Chemical Free Cleaning- Cost Analysis- Bortek Industries Inc application/pdf 1 MB