Factory Cat GTO Autonomous Scrubber

The to-be-announced GTO Autonomous Floor Scrubber will deliver the quality cleaning results you expect from Factory Cat Equipment, without the need of an operator.

Proudly Made in the USA

“The industry is moving towards robotics because of the value it offers to customers and their janitorial staff, and we are proud to partner with Brain Corp on this important strategic milestone for our company. As an organization that endeavors to deliver quality and reliability to our customers, we recognize the value in partnering with Brain Corp on a project that is otherwise beyond our capabilities. BrainOS enables us to meet our quality and innovation standards, while also addressing the range of cleaning needs across our diverse customer base.”

–Sean Goff, CEO, RPS Corporation

Factory Cat, the ongoing pioneer of quality and reliability, have begun development on their own form of Autonomous & Robotic Floor Scrubbers.

If their current level of quality, reliability, effectiveness, efficiency, & American-Made ingenuity are anything to go by, this machine is going to be amazing. Partnering with Brain Corp, a renowned authority in the Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Equipment communities, RPS is stepping off on the right foot. Brain Corp is no slouch, they have worked in our industry for a while now to create next generation floor care equipment. This partnership was announced back in November 2019, so they have been working on this for a little while now. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing some logistical slowing on development, RPS & Brain Corp are working on providing an impressive piece of equipment.

The great thing about the currently identified “GTO” (and autonomous scrubbers in general), is it takes the human element out of cleaning and maintaining your facilities cleanliness. Much like the Minuteman Max Ride 20 that also makes use of Brain Corp’s technology, the aforementioned GTO will consistently update mapping your facility while in operation so it’s able to clean more efficiently by mapping out the best path. You’ll assign it to a section of your facility and it dutifully runs off to that area, scans the code you’ve placed in that area, and takes care of effectively cleaning your floors without the need for an operator.

Safety is a huge factor when it comes to Autonomous Floor Scrubbers. The GTO is no different. While in operation, it’s constantly scanning its surroundings. So should a pedestrian or falling box cross it’s path, it will change direction to avoid a collision or halt operation until the path ahead is clear– ensuring you don’t experience any accidents with the machine.

Now is a great time to do your due diligence and research autonomous cleaning equipment. It’s relatively new technology and hasn’t been adopted by the broader market quite yet, but it’s proven to be very promising and equally as effective. It’s just a matter of time until Autonomous Floor Scrubbers become the norm. These machines can disinfect and clean your floors without having an operator involved, effectively protecting your team from being exposed to a potentially contaminated area.

We’re very excited to see this machine enter the market and have complete faith in the whole team at RPS to deliver a quality product that matches their unmatched level of reliability that is the Factory Cat line of Floor Care Equipment. We will continue to update this post with information and specifications as they become available!

GTO Autonomous Floor Scrubber Benefits

  • Vision Based Technology Requires No Infrastructure Modifications
  • Capable of Navigating Complex & Dynamic Environments
  • Simple & Intuitive User-Interface
  • Eliminates Collision Damage & Driver Mistakes
  • Ensures Consistent & Reliable Floor Care Performance
  • Allows Employees to Focus on Higher Value Tasks

Robotic Features

  • Control – Manual and autonomous.
  • Learning System – Autonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes.
  • Navigation – Multi-layer sensor system percieves environment, controlling vehicle and navigation.
  • Safety – Overlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. Equipped with an auto-stop button. Beeps alert passersby.
  • Support – Robot Operations Center (ROC), managed by Brain Corp technicians, provides remote monitoring, usage analytics, and first line customer service.

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