PowerBoss Collector 26 Sweeper

Cleaning just got easier! The PowerBoss Collector 26 can increase sweep speeds by up to ten times faster than cleaning with a broom, achieving speeds up to 31,000 square feet per hour. This industrial manual sweeper can be used indoors or outside to quickly clean up dirt without leaving dust behind. A side broom easily sweeps dirt out of corners and into the path of the wide broom, which in turn goes directly into the large hopper. The Collector 26 features an injection molded, structural foam polyethylene body that ensures durability, prevents rust and adds long life. In addition, the molded polyethylene hopper collects 1.4 cu.ft of trash, dirt, dust, pebbles, rocks and more.


Compact in size, the PowerBoss Collector 26 fits through standard doorways to go wherever you want to take it. In fact, the Collector 26 can even clean stairs and curbs effortlessly due to the large wheels on the base. The efficient design of the PowerBoss® Collector 26 manual sweeper includes height adjustment knobs to raise or lower the side brush and the 20″ main broom offers 10 separate durable nylon broom rails. The “push bar” handle is designed to easily fold-down for convenient storage in an upright position.


This powerful machine is perfect for use in stockrooms, machine shops, parking areas, loading ramps, small yards, and countless other applications. A sturdy aluminum frame and strong synthetic hopper make this walk-behind manual sweeper ideal for industrial environments. Clean faster and better with the PowerBoss® Collector 26.


  • Versatile – clean stairs, hallways, doorways, curbs, floors
  • Compact – small size makes it easy to clean in virtually any location
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Ergonomic – handle can be adjusted

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