Advance Proterra Sweeper

Recommended alternative: PowerBoss Armadillo 9X

Recommended alternative: PowerBoss Armadillo 9X

Simple, productive, comfortable, reliable with incredible dust control.
The Advance Proterra sweeper is the ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories, warehouses, parking garages, foundries and many more. The unique design makes for fast work of sweeping your facility. The design includes a large cleaning path, excellent maneuverability and high capacity hopper. An ergonomic operator interface and the unique Clear-View™ sight line of critical sweep areas ensures hours of safe and comfortable floor sweeping. The Proterra is a highly durable, efficient, and productive floor sweeping machine that will provide a solution to even the toughest of your cleaning needs.


The Advance Proterra comes equipped with a DustGuard™ which is part of the DustClear™ Five-Stage Dust Control System. Unlike conventional mechanical broom sweeper technology, DustGuard addresses dust at its greatest source, the side brooms. Through a fine “fog” or water spray, the dust is controlled sweep path that is 75% more productive than its nearest competitor.


Safety and comfort are always paramount features on Advance machines. The Proterra industrial sweeper is no exception. The Proterra features power steering and large comfort ride shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. The tires allow for a smooth trip in diverse conditions. The Proterra is proudly labeled for passing an independent ETL safety test, and it has a number of additional features shown below that improve user productivity.


The Advance Proterra keeps operators away from moving parts through a tip-back engine cover, and it features a hopper safety arm controlled from the operator’s compartment. It’s constructed of an impact-absorbing, rustproof body structure and comes standard with a 5 mph bumper. With optional accessories including a backup alarm, front headlights, tilt steering and beacon light, the Proterra sets the bar higher than other rider sweepers on the market.


With superior dust control, innovative safety features, low maintenance costs, ease of operation and increased productivity, the Advance Proterra is the ideal solution for addressing your industrial sweeping needs.

Features & Benefits

  • TrioSweep: Allows the main broom and the two side brooms to control and collect dust
  • DustGuard: This system increases productivity because the side brooms control the dust
  • The dust filter is made with the Liberator Variable Frequency Filter Shaker System which removes dust better than the panel filter
  • Set N’ Forget: This feature allows the operator to set a sweeping pressure without having to adjust it even when the broom wears
  • The hopper has a dump height that can go up to 62″
  • Application locations: Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, indoor and outdoor parking lots, construction cleanup, and transportation and entertainment facilities
  • Optional Accessories: Litter vac wand, overhead guard, amber strobe light, front headlights, backup alarm, soft-sided cab, suspension seat, left-hand side broom, and tilt steering