Recommended alternative: Factory Cat Model TR Floor Scrubber

Expanding upon Advance’s already robust sweeper line, the SW5500 is a niche machine which offers modern features such as a 75 sq ft automatic filter & shaker, the option for a dual side broom DustGuard misting system, an integraded LED headlamp, independantly controlled side broom speeds, AC brushless propulsion drive, and tools free replacement of brushes and brooms. The SW5500 offers a highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective way to sweep large floors and outdoor areas of dust and debris. A ride-on sweeper with the size and capacity to speed up your cleaning. Daily benefits like creating a safer environment and lowering the total costs of ownership make this machine an attractive choice for contract cleaners, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centers, sports arenas, parking lots of large retail stores or shopping malls, multi-store car parks, etc. At the same time, SW5500 provides more sustainability with the optional hybrid technology reducing emission and the level of noise.

What SW5500 does best for you: 1. Increases productivity at your fingertips 2. Lowers the total cost of ownership 3. Creates a safer and cleaner environment

  • 25–30% increased sweeping performance with a worn main broom versus traditional sweeping system
  • 30% increased hopper filling gives higher productivity as less time is spend dumping the debris
  • The first real hybrid industrial sweeper on the market: flexible cleaning, low emissions and low noise
  • Main broom adjustment easy to check by pushing a button
  • All sweeping functions activated by OneTouch™ button and pressing the drive pedal
  • All functions automatically stop when not driving to reduce consumptions
  • High quality components and assembly
  • Automatic speed reduction in tight curves and operating the hopper
  • Warning alarm and reduced hopper lifting speed on slopes
  • DustGuard™ system to reduce dust created by the side brooms
  • Parallelogram concept on side broom for better and consistent sweeping performance
  • Climb 20% on ramp/slopes while sweeping

With a productivity rating of over 113,000 square feet per hour, the Advance SW5500 is a workhorse. Battery Powered Sweeper: With a 420 ah 24 volt battery pack included, the all-electric battery machine is suitable for indoor applications. LPG Machine: The hybrid electric-combustion engine is efficient and powerful, providing longer working times and a higher productivity