Recommended alternative: Factory Cat Model TR Floor Scrubber

The Advance SW4000™ combines high productivity and exceptional dust control in a compact affordable machine. Its reliable performance allows it to tackle even the toughest sweeping environments, including lumber yards, outdoor parking lots, distribution centers, arenas, warehouses and stadiums. With its large sweeping path and hopper, the SW4000™ can reach maximum productivity at 94,200 square feet per hour.


The SW4000™ is designed to be easy and safe to operate with its One-Touch™ sweeping capabilities. When the sweeper is in motion, a single switch activates side brooms, main broom, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard™ misting system. This allows the SW4000™ to run up to 4.5 hours on a single battery charge. Its front-wheel powered and steered drive wheel allows this sweeper to easily maneuver in tight aisles, narrow spaces and through doorways. The SW4000™ also features an adjustable seat, ergonomic controls, dual access driver’s compartment and intuitive operation. Routine maintenance is fast and easy with its tools-free filter and broom removal.


For safe handling and quick dumping, the SW4000™ is equipped with a high dump hopper that deposits directly into a standard dumpster. For applications where dust is an issue, an optional DustGuard™ misting system is available. DustGuard™ provides up to 75% greater dust control for superior indoor air quality and maximum productivity.


To ensure the filter remains dust-free for optimal performance, the SW4000™ features a timed Liberator™ multi-frequency filter shaker that cleans the filter more effectively to restore airflow for maximum dust control.


The SW4000™ by Advance guarantees a professionally swept finish for virtually any type of indoor or outdoor application.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 49″ cleaning path: 28″ main broom and two 18″ side brooms
  • Battery Powered: 24 volt system-310 AH C20 batteries
  • DustClear: Side broom fog system, vacuumized main broom chamber, nanofiber filter, and the Liberator filter
  • DustGuard: The dual side brooms provide over 70% better dust control while capturing dust at ground level
  • One touch controls make operating easier
  • 75 square feet dust control filter
  • 2.6 cubic foot hopper can hold up to 220 pounds of debris and lifts up to 63″ dump height
  • Large Debris: The large debris pedal, which is located at the foot of the operators compartment, allows larger objects to be swept up