PowerBoss Admiral Series

The PowerBoss Admiral features a control panel that allows the operator to easily adjust all functions of the machine, including brush pressure, water flow, and solution flow.

A compact and robust powerhouse, the PowerBoss Admiral rider scrubber offers many cleaning choices. One state-of-the-art design gives you four models. Choose from the quick-change brush deck sizes that can either have a disc or cylindrical brush system. Plus, the rotary and cylindrical scrub decks are completely interchangeable with the same chassis, which makes the Admiral adaptable to your needs.

Completely computer controlled to follow the contour of the floor, both brush systems offer an exceptional clean. From the easy-to-use control panel, the operator can control all the functions of the machine, including brush pressure, water flow, solution flow, as well as forward and reverse of the machine. The Admiral Plus offers excellent maneuverability as it can turn 360 degrees on its own axis, giving it the ability to move in tight spaces and the single front wheel provides optimum traction.

The PowerBoss Admiral is designed for operator comfort and safety. With an ergonomically designed seat, this rider scrubber can be utilized comfortably for hours. The Admiral 28/32 Plus has tilt steering, see through solution tank lid, three electronic breaks for safety, and a safety seat that doesn’t allow the machine to move unless the operator is on it. The rider scrubber offers a 180-degree view for the operator for optimum visibility. With a self-tracking squeegee, the Admiral leaves the floor virtually dry in one pass and ready for traffic. The Admiral can clean up to 45,450 square feet per hour. With a single charge, the batteries provide multiple hours of run-time for maximum productivity. An indicator on the control panel lets the operator know when charging is necessary.

An optional on-board off-aisle wand is available with the Admiral Plus. This telescopic wand can go where the machine can not, giving you the ability to clean hard to reach areas, effortlessly. The tool can be attached to the rear of the machine, so it is always available for use. With countless standard and optional features, the PowerBoss Admiral has the ability to meet all your scrubbing needs.

PowerBoss Admiral Features:

  • Cylindrical or disc interchangeable scrub decks
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and rotationally molded polyethylene solution/recovery tanks mean that this scrubber is built to last
  • Removable debris box on the cylindrical
  • Three electronic brakes: E-mag, Dynamic, Plugging
  • Fully variable solution flow rate
  • Spray jets for cylindrical scrub deck ensures uniform solution distribution on floor
  • Two caster wheel adjustment ensures proper squeegee alignment


  • On-board off-aisle wand and squeegee tool
  • 375 AH batteries available for longer run time
  • Rotating beacons
  • Linatex squeegee blade
  • Head lights

We highly recommend using Bortek brand chemical products in this machine. Our cleaning solutions are made with scrubbers in mind, and designed to be low-foaming in order to prevent hazardous overflows.

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