Advance SC900 Floor Scrubber

Recommended alternative: Factory Cat Mini HD Floor Scrubber 

Replacing the popular Advance Warrior and 34ST Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers, the brand new Advance SC900 Floor Scrubber offers the Best in class Industrial strength durability, safety, and performance. It’s what you would expect from Advance’s over 100 years of innovative engineering building high performance floor scrubbers. With easy to use and simple controls training is a snap.   All Advance automatic scrubbers are easy to maintain with best in class cost of ownership. The SC900 cylindrical style floor scrubber is no exception and can be used on most hard floor surface and will sweep all sorts of debris such as nuts, bolts, and pallet chips as it scrubs your floor literally twice in one pass. With the optional dual side sweep brooms this machine even cleans the edge 100%.   The optional EcoFlex system adds flexibility by allowing the user to add any manufacturers’ detergent, and it also eliminates waste and guesswork on dilutions and dispensing. It makes maintenance even easier with click-off disc scrub brushes and includes a solution flow pump for simple, no-mess filling.   The SC900 Series of walk-behind scrubbers are rugged and flexible. Built for operator comfort with simple, straightforward controls, these machines are easy to maintain for improved value and productivity. Ideal applications for the SC900 range from use in manufacturing plants and general warehouses to beverage distribution centers and car dealerships. The whisper-quiet sound level means it’s suited for use where noise levels must be kept to a minimum, while the Ultra-Flow squeegee system leaves floors clean, dry and safe.   The Advance SC900 automatic floor scrubber is available 28, 32, or 34 inch cleaning path with numerous configurations tailored to your tough cleaning appilcation. Many optional accessories are available such as dual side sweep brooms, cylindrical or disk scrub decks, on-board charger, remote scrub and vac wand, the patented EcoFlex system, and more. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration at your facility.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 28″ to 34″ disc and cylindrical deck options
  • EcoFlex: Easy selection of water use, detergent use, and pad pressure. Comes with a “burst of power” option that deepens the clean by increasing the pad pressure and the flow of detergent and water.
  • Has an onboard charger

Available Advance SC900 Floor Scrubber Models (X= w/EcoFlex Option; C=Cylindrical Brush Deck; D= Disc Brush Deck):

  • SC900™ 28D
  • SC900™ X28D
  • SC900™ 28D
  • SC900™ 34D
  • SC900™ X32C
  • SC900™ X34D
  • SC900™ X34D