Advance SC3000 Scrubber

Recommended alternative: Factory Cat GTX Series

Recommended alternative: Factory Cat GTX Series

Take automatic rider scrubber technology to a new level of scrubbing performance with Advance’s SC3000 Compact Rider Scrubber. With easier operation, green-cleaning results and a new patented scrubbing deck, all the hard work is done for you by this powerful machine.


The compact-designed SC3000 provides user-friendly, maneuverable operation in multiple cleaning applications—including those with limited access. Quiet Mode™ makes daytime cleaning in educational facilities and cleaning of noise-sensitive healthcare facilities viable. The large 21-gallon tank ensures over an hour of continuous scrubbing on a single tank of water. Plus, the enhanced driver compartment features provide maximum operator comfort and safety. With as much as 3.5 hours of battery life, brush speeds clocked at 230 RPM and max forward speed of 3.7 MPH, this compact rider scrubber will help you get cleaner, faster.


Innovative deck.


The SC3000 SafetyGlide™ Deck eliminates wasted time and money spent on making adjustments and replacing side skirts. Simply turn the steering wheel. As the machine turns, the deck automatically moves in line with the path of the rear squeegee, resulting in 100% water pick-up. Plus, you no longer have to worry about accuracy or accidental contact for edge cleaning with its uniquely designed, spring-loaded safety deck. The deck ensures precise, straight edge cleaning results without additional labor-intensive detail edge mopping.


Control at your fingertips.


For ease of use, the machine control panel is fully integrated into the steering wheel. A left finger-tip paddle controls the EcoFlex™ System burst of power feature, while the right paddle engages reverse operation. An easy-to-read display quickly indicates the amount of clean water left in the tank, machine hours of use and detergent ratio being used. For noise sensitive areas, you can easily switch to Quiet Mode™ operation with the touch of a button.


Green meets clean.


With its EcoFlex™ System, the Advance SC3000 controls the consumption of water, detergent and energy so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance. This system easily matches cleaning performance to the soil on the floor and the required level of clean. More soil? No problem. Activate the “burst of power” for extra cleaning performance and easily return to the original settings for minimum usage of water, detergent and power.


Take cleaning to the next level.


Advance is dedicated to designing products that increase productivity and lower overall cleaning costs by using the latest innovative technologies. Additional accessories and options help maximize the efficiency and safety of the SC3000 Compact Rider Scrubber. A flashing beacon light kit addresses concerns in high traffic locations such as grocery stores or schools, while the “Hydro Eye” battery water level indicator keeps your operation moving. Other accessories available for the SC3000 include a handy front basket kit, as well as the popular mop holder, broom holder and net trash kit.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 26″ scrubbing path
  • 24 Volt battery system
  • One touch controls make scrubbing easier
  • Optional EcoFlex System: This system gives operators the option to deepen their clean by selecting the pad pressure, detergent, and water. 
  • 21 gallon tank
  • 230 RPM
  • 57″ of waterlift
  • 65 dba sound level