Advance All Cleaner

The Advance All Cleaner deliver touchless, hard-surface cleaning up to three times faster than traditional cleaning methods.

The Advance All Cleaner combines an automatic chemical system, powerful liquid recovery vacuum, indoor pressure washer and stretch hoses to present a significant productivity upgrade over traditional hand cleaning methods. No more lugging heavy equipment or dragging hoses through restrooms, stairwells and other tight spaces. All standard tools and other cleaning accessories store neatly thanks to All Cleaner’s efficient design.

The All Cleaner provides 200 psi, while the All Cleaner XP has a powerful 500 psi pump. Combine the pump strength with the variable spray gun and you can attack the most challenging cleaning projects. Also, each compact unit is smaller than a shopping cart, allowing easy maneuvering.

The All Cleaners employ an open chemical system. This lets any two chemical bottles (including green cleaning approved solutions) to be used. Whether the bottle is round or rectangle, it will fit in the holding wells on All Cleaner. The open chemical system also controls dilution rates for proper application each time.

Advance’s All Cleaner and All Cleaner XP answer the call for an affordable, touchless approach to cleaning restrooms and other hard surface areas. You’ll improve productivity and see better results – now that’s smart cleaning.


  • Cleans up to three times faster than traditional cleaning, with minimal set-up time
  • Easy access to motor and pump
  • Small footprint provides maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Touchless cleaning minimizes staff exposure to dirty surfaces and cleaning chemicals
  • A spray gun makes dirt removal easy in hard to reach areas and allows for quick surface-rinsing
  • Onboard storage for all standard accessories