Minuteman Explosion-Proof Vacuums

Ideal for picking up hazardous material such as flammable liquids, finely pulverized dust and more, this ULPA-filtered wet/dry vacuum is one decision that won’t blow up in your face.

  • Ideal for pick-up of hazardous material such as flammable liquids, finely pulverized dust and more.
  • Heavy-duty electric vacuum operates wet or dry in Class I, Group D and Class II, Group F&G atmospheres
  • U.L.P.A. filter is standard on four models of this series and is 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns
  • 14-3/50’ STWA safety cable

Key Features:

  • The Explosion Proof vacuum is UL Listed
  • 22-gauge, non-sparking stainless steel tank
  • 3” static-conductive casters and 8” static-conductive rear wheels on 15 gallon models
  • 5” static-conductive casters and 5” static-conductive rear wheels on 55 gallon models

Ease of Use:

Class I Group D Atmospheres

  • butane, cyclopropane, ethane, ethanol, gasoline, methane, methanol, octane, pentane, petroleum, propane, turpentine, vinyl chloride

Class II Group F Atmospheres

  • carbon black, charcoal, coke or coal dusts

Class II Group G Atmospheres

  • flour, starch or grain, or combustible dusts having resistivity of 10^8 ohm-centimeter or greater


Manometer: Yes

Green Features:

Class I Locations

  • Petroleum Refining Facilities
  • Dip Tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids
  • Plants manufacturing organic coatings
  • Spray finishing areas
  • Petroleum dispensing areas
  • Plants manufacturing or using pyroxylin or other plastics
  • Locations where inhalation anesthetics are used
  • Utility gas plants, operations involving storage and handling of liquified petroleum and natural gas
  • Aircraft hangers and fuel servicing areas

Class II Locations

  • Grain elevators and bulk handling facilities
  • Manufacture and storage of starch
  • Flour and feed mills
  • Areas for packaging and handling of pulverized sugar & cocoa
  • Spice grinding plants
  • Confectionery manufacturing plants

Additional information


OEM Model Number

C88015-01, C88015-02, C88015-03, C88015-04

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