Minuteman 390 Tank Vacuum Series

A series of commercial wet-dry tank vacuums. Indicator lights show when the bag is full or when the filter is clogged.

Key Features:

  • Designed with a self-sealing intake for a positive vacuum seal and can accommodate 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ hoses, making it easily adaptable to any tool kit
  • Exclusive embossed filter bag protects the motor and float shut-off from lint and debris during wet recovery applications
  • Self-cleaning cloth filter bag keeps the cloth filter free of dirt and dust buildup
  • Lid assemblies come equipped with a full bag indicator light which alerts the operator when the disposable bag is full or when the cloth filter is clogged

Available in:

  • 15 gallon stainless steel with 105″ waterlift vacuum assembly
  • 55 gallon painted tank with 105″ waterlift vacuum assembly
  • 55 gallon twin motor painted tank and 85″waterlift vacuum assembly

Additional information


OEM Model Number

C39085-01, C39085-02, C39085-03, C39085-04, C39105-01, C39105-02, C39105-03, C39105-04, C39130-01, C39130-02, C39130-03, C39130-04. C39330-01, C39330-02, C39330-03, C39330-04, C39330-05, C39330-06, C39055-01, C39055-02, C39055-03, C39055-04, C39055-05, C39055-06

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