Minuteman 705 Series Air Vacuums

High powered commercial vacuums for use with dry or wet materials. The 705 series features no moving parts to replace, lowered noise level, and optional HEPA filters.

  • 180″ of waterlift on every air vacuum model
  • High CFM from 166cfm (4 gal) to 728 cfm (55 gal with quad jets)
  • Capable of filling a 55 gallon barrel with liquid in less than 60 seconds
  • No moving parts to replace
  • No motors or switches to replace
  • Silenced down to low 80 dba
  • Available in stainless steel or electrostatically applied painted tanks
  • Uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a vacuum of exceptionally high flow and high static lift
  • Ideal for areas where standard voltage is not available
  • Capable of lifting or moving an extensive variety of solid or liquid materials
  • Large range of tank sizes, filter arrangements, venturi and hose sizes, tools & attachments for wet/dry pick up
  • Optional HEPA filters available on select models
  • 6 gallon, 15 gallon & 55 gallon units available
  • Uses the venturi principle

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OEM Model Number

C70515-01, C70515-02, C70530-01, C70555-01

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