Advance AquaSpot Carpet Extractor

The handy Advance AquaSpot Carpet Extractor is a convenient, easy-to-use extractor for quick clean-ups or spot cleaning carpets, hard to get at areas and upholstery.
Its hand-held tool dispenses cleaning solution directly on spots or heavily soiled areas, and immediately recovers the dirty solution.
Its lightweight and compact size make the Advance AquaSpot Carpet Extractor easy to bring to congested areas or off-the-floor places that need cleaning.
With the optional transport cart, you can bring your cleaning tools and accessories right along with you.
And the eight-foot (2.4 m) recovery hose allows freedom to get around your work.

Advance AquaSpot Carpet Extractor features:

  • A clear recovery tank with 2 dumping ports allows for ease of cleaning out the tank
  • Exhaust air is filtered for maintaining indoor air quality
  • Optional cart is designed with a tray and holds cleaning accessories