Advance Pacesetter 17HD Burnisher

Recommended alternative: Minuteman Burnishers

Recommended alternative: Minuteman Burnishers

Whether scrubbing, stripping, or screening, the Pacesetter™ line of floor machines includes a model that fits your needs. Each Pacesetter, including the Advance Pacesetter 17HD, features heavy-duty construction, including an all-cast metal frame and chrome-plated base.

A red safety lock switch prevents accidental start ups. An ergonomic molded handle protects hands while operating along walls and around corners. A compression style lever easily adjusts handle height. Pad holders are standard. A clear plastic hospital plug allows the operator to verify electrical integrity at each use of the machine. The yellow, super-flex cord handles easily and reduces tangling.

The Pacesetter 13/17/20 is a 1.0 hp, 175 rpm machine available in 13, 17 and 20-inch pad sizes. Dual capacitors provide extra power bursts to the machine when needed for start-up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits.

The Pacesetter 20TS is a two-speed floor machine with a 1.5 hp and DC rectified motor. The two-speed machine runs at 180 and 320 rpm.

At 1.5 hp, 175 rpm, the Advance Pacesetter 17HD is available in 17- and 20-inch sizes. A triple-planetary gear design lasts longer than other gear drives, because they do not develop a wear pattern. A sealed gearbox requires no maintenance.

Also available the Pacesetter 20SD – a super duty 20-inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75 hp, 175 rpm machine also uses the triple-planetary gear design for longer wear.


  • Molded, ergonomic handle includes comfortable trigger levers and safety lock-out switch
  • Base is cast metal and chrome-plated for durability and easy cleanup
  • Large non-marking rear wheels make transporting easy
  • Safety activation switch on all models
  • Effortless handle height adjustment