23,680 sqft/hr

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  • With a cylindrical brush deck that has an integrated sweeping function, the PowerBoss Phoenix 24 scrubber has the power to guarantee an even cleaning result across the entire width of the machine. The Phoenix 24 can reach speeds of up to 23,680 feet per hour with its 19-gallon solution tank and 19.5-gallon recovery tank. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting, this scrubber is built to last. The Phoenix 24 is also service-friendly, offering direct access to batteries and drive. The direct Brush Release System (BRS) allows the operator to change brushes and squeegees quickly. Flow-optimized dirty water tank with AFS (Anti Foam System) prevents foam while protecting the vacuum turbine.

    Brush Deck Options: Cylindrical
    Cleaning Width: 24"
    Fuel Options: Battery