Looking to Rent Industrial Cleaning Equipment? Bortek Industries Has You Covered

No matter the needs of your particular job, Bortek Industries has the machines you need to get the results you desire. So if you’re looking to rent industrial cleaning equipment in the Philadelphia area, you’ve come to the right place.

While in many instances buying your own industrial cleaning equipment makes the most sense, there are some jobs where rentals are more appropriate. Whether you’re looking to rent a parking lot sweeper or a ride-on scrubber, you are certain to find what you’re looking for as your browse our comprehensive catalog of industrial cleaning equipment rentals.

The toughest jobs require the strongest machines. At Bortek Industries, we’re pleased to offer a fleet that consists of some of the best equipment available today.

Prior to renting out any machines, our team of skilled technicians inspects them to make sure that they’re operating in optimal condition. So you can rest comfortably knowing that when you do business with us, you can get to work the moment you’re ready to start your project.

What Kind of Machines Are You Looking For?

No matter the needs of your specific job, you’ll be able to track down the machines you need to get the results you have in mind at Bortek Industries. Some of our rental line includes:

  • Sweepers. Looking to make sure all the dirt and other foreign material is swept clean off the floors of your warehouses, manufacturing facilities, foundries or parking lots? A sweeper might be just the machine you need. We rent industrial sweepers – both walk-behind and ride-on models – so you will find the right-sized machine for your projects. The end result? Surfaces clean of dust, wood chips, nuts and bolts, along with everything else.
  • Scrubbers. To combat things like grease or oil stains, you’ll need a scrubber. At Bortek Industries, we offer a complete fleet of floor scrubber rentals. Depending on the scope of your job, our technicians can recommend whether you need a compact walk-behind scrubber or a larger ride-on model.

We’re Philadelphia’s Go-To Source for High-Quality Rental Equipment

At Bortek Industries, our customers come first in all that we do. For the past 40 years, we’ve worked hard to ensure our clients find the cleaning machines they need to get the job done.

You’ll quickly find that there’s no shortage of makes and models of used industrial cleaning equipment. So there’s a good chance you might have some questions as to which machines make the most sense for your particular job.

Please ask our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals any and all questions you might have. We’ll answer all of them, so you can be confident knowing you’re fully informed before finalizing any transactions.

Are you looking to rent cleaning equipment in the Philadelphia area? If so, look no further! Please contact us today. We can’t wait to help you find the machines you need to produce the results you desire.

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