How to Use Auto Scrubbers

Auto scrubbers are machines that are used to clean floors, usually in industrial or institutional settings with large amounts of floor space like factories or schools. Some types of floor scrubbers, such as the Factory Cat Mag-HD, require the operator to guide the machine while walking behind it. Others, such as the PowerBoss Nautilus, require the operator to ride it, similar to a riding lawn tractor. Riding scrubbers are better suited to cleaning larger floor areas. Every auto scrubber operates a bit differently, so be sure to consult your machine’s owner’s manual for specific instructions.

To begin, fill your scrubber’s solution tank with the proper mix of water and detergent based on the instructions on the detergent’s label, as well as how dirty your cleaning surface is. If your machine contains a squeegee unit, check the blades and replace them if necessary.

Turn on the machine and its solution distribution system and begin driving or pushing slowly. If your machine is a walk-behind model, it may contain a self-propelled motion that allows you to guide it as opposed to actually pushing it. Move across the floor in slightly overlapping rows, as if you are mowing a lawn. Some ride-on machines will also dry the floor as they clean. Be sure to check the machine’s recovery tank, which picks up dirty water during the cleaning process, and empty it if it becomes full.

When you have finished cleaning the floor, empty the solution and recovery tanks and rinse them thoroughly. You can then buff the floor if your machine can accommodate buffing pads.