Sweeper-Scrubbers use water/detergent and vacuum systems to thoroughly sweep and scrub floor surfaces with regular debris. Effectively clean large indoor or outdoor industrial spaces in one pass. If you only have time for one-pass cleaning or only room for one machine in your budget, sweeper-scrubbers are the way to go.

To put it simply, sweeper-scrubbers have separate sweeping and scrubbing apparatuses in a single machine, while scrubber-sweepers perform both actions with a cylindrical scrub deck. Read more about the differences here.

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  • The new PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400-RH battery-powered rider sweeper/scrubber guarantees hours of uninterrupted working and a high area performance thanks to the 105 gallon solution and recovery tank and the maximized battery capacity provided by the optional battery changing system.

    Cleaning Width: 48", 60"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • The Powerboss Nautilus is now available as a fully-electric Sweeper/Scrubber! This guy is a highly maneuverable mid-size ride-on machine that delivers excellent cleaning results. The large water capacity provides prolonged operating time. Beast of a machine, this is.

    Cleaning Width: 45", 55", 73"
    Fuel Options: Battery