Expert Grade Sewer Equipment Nozzles

For over 25 years, USB-USA has been building the industry’s best sewer equipment: Turbo Chain Cutters, Sewer Nozzles, and Specialty Tools for Municipal and Industrial markets.

Carrying the entire line of USBDÜSEN products, their high-grade stainless steel, German manufactured equipment is precision engineered for long-lasting durability and superior cleaning performance.

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USB-USA Nozzle Applications

USB-USA Large & Special Profile Pipe Cleaning Attachment Icon

Large and Special Profile

USB-USA Large Debris Sewer Cleaning Nozzle Icon

Large Debris, Rocks, Mud, Sand, Silt

USB-USA Root Cutter Attachments Icon


USB-USA Grease & Fats Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Grease, Fats

USB-USA Sewer Preventative Maintenance Nozzles

Preventative Maintenance

USB-USA Manhole Spinjet Cleaner Nozzle


USB-USA Open Sewer Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Half or completely open Drain Pipes

USB-USA Mineral Deposit Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Mineral Deposits, Calcium, Scale

USB-USA Protruding Lateral Pipe Cleaning Nozzles

Protruding Laterals or Pipes

USB-USA Toilet-Safe Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

Toilet Safe

Bottom Cleaners

These nozzles will jet away sand, dirt, and gravel from the pipe’s floor, and even do it underwater. Several bottom cleaners feature roll over bars to make sure the nozzle always returns to the proper position.

Cleaning Nozzles

3D Radial Clean Sewer Jet Nozzle

The 3D Radial Clean Nozzle (pictured) is just one of many sewer cleaning nozzles. Perfect for a pre-CCTV inspection cleaning, this nozzle blasts water backward at 45° and 15° angles for streak-free 360° coverage that’ll remove grease, scale, dirt, and sand from the pipe’s walls. While the 45° jets clean off the pipe walls, the 15° jets propel the nozzle down the line and push debris back to the manhole.

Rotating/Vibrating Nozzles

These nozzles will also clean out sewer pipes, but do so by agitating stubborn debris with rotation and/or vibration. No matter the situation, there’s a solution here, with low-maintenance, stainless steel, and toilet-safe nozzles.

Root Cutters

Cut and whip pesky pipe-clogging roots into submission with a Root Cutter nozzle. We’ve got powerful, user-friendly, and durable options no matter the pipe size.

XL Profile Pipes

Specialty Nozzles

Nozzle Inserts Also Available

Sewer Jet Nozzle Insert

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