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Did you know?? 88% of employees see a decrease in productivity, concentration, and learning in "dingy" places. Browse the remaining tabs and let us help you make your facility as clean as can be!  

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If there was one place where cleanliness and sanitation should be mandated, it is the restroom! Disturbingly, 1 in 3 people don't wash their hands after using the restroom. The bacteria from enclosed areas, such as a restroom, can spread to 60% of frequently handled surfaces in 2 to 4 hours. Practically 100% of those surfaces are contaminated after just 8 hours. Part of our business is to provide the necessary cleaning supplies for a clean restroom while you do your business.
Replacing floors can be extremely costly. Taking the preventative measures to protect the long term value of your warehouse or office floors can be a huge money saver. A regular cleaning program protects and prevents excessive ware and extends the lifespan of your floors. Name the surface of your floors and we have the product to meet your needs. Bortek has you covered for whatever surface you are cleaning. Spend a little now to save a lot later!
It’s time for lunch break and there’s a delicious meal waiting for you in the kitchen. Amidst your excitement, you find the microwave covered in food residue, dishes in the sink, and an empty paper towel roll. That meal isn’t looking so appetizing anymore. Don’t let this be the case for your companies break room. More and more employees will be fleeing the scene for lunch and overall employee satisfaction will take a hit. These simple cleaning supplies below, which can be found in any household kitchen, should be found in your company kitchen as well. Take your facility cleaning seriously and treat your company the way you treat your own home.
Setting a good example for the expectations of the company starts with how you treat and care for the company facilities. Studies show that a clean office contributes to a high staff morale. Conversely, an unclean office space negatively impacts the employee turnover and is a poor reflection of the company standards and quality of work. First impressions for potential customers are also key. The first thing they see when walking through your doors and the last thing they see when they leave is the lobby space. A clean, friendly, and presentable lobby space can have a bigger impact than you think!
Clutter is a harsh word in the warehouse and shipping aspects of a company. Clutter is not only a safety hazard but also reduces shipping efficiency. It can have a direct impact on the timeliness of picking and the delivery itself. Organization and usage of effective shipping supplies go a long way in maintaining a quality reputation in shipping. The quality of your products is a representation of your business. How well the product is wrapped, taped, and packaged goes a long way when arriving at that final destination.   A messy warehouse impacts the profitability of the site. An orderly warehouse generally has more accurate inventory levels. This helps the company in a number of aspects including lowering the cost of inventory, improved fill rate, monitoring shelf life, account for obsolescence, eliminate fear stock, and better manage write-offs. We at Bortek take the organization and cleanliness of our warehouse seriously and we encourage you to do the same. A clean warehouse can also help with morale. Studies have shown that good housekeeping, not only in the warehouse but across the entire company, can have a positive effect on employee job satisfaction. Bortek comes prepared and loaded with warehouse supplies for any of your cleaning needs. Check out the laundry list of products below for more information.