Permacote ECO – Ultra Compatible Zinc-Free Finish

Permacote ECO offers an environmentally friendly zinc-free floor finish alternative with high initial gloss and gloss retention.

Proudly Made in the USA

A new generation floor finish formulated with patented zinc free polymer technology that is designed to work with any type of maintenance program. This finish provides high initial gloss as well as unmatched gloss retention. New chemistry demonstrates exceptional soil resistance and color retention that far exceeds the leading commercial zinc containing finishes and allows the finish to form good film even in poor drying conditions. This environmentally preferable finish meets today’s need for a product that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems.

PREPARATION: If stripping is necessary, use a high quality stripper and follow the directions accordingly. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow floor to dry completely. If stripping is not necessary; sweep up loose dirt and dust. Clean with a quality cleaner to remove dirt and oils. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow floor to dry completely.

FINISHING: Spread a liberal coat of finish evenly across the floor with a clean mop or applicator. Allow each coat to dry at least 30 minutes before applying the next coat. Four to five coats is ideal initially, depending on the condition of the floor and desired gloss.

MAINTENANCE: The floor may be maintained using a quality floor cleaner and damp mopping regularly. Spray buffing or mop-on restoring may also be done after sweeping up loose dirt and dust. Follow directions for each product accordingly.

This product meets the maximum content requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as established by state and federal regulations.


Color Milky White
Odor Fragrance free
pH 8.0 – 9.0
Non-Volatile Solids 22%
Coverage 1800 – 2200 ft/ gal.
Recommended Coats 4 – 5
Dry / Recoat Time 30 minutes min.
Maintenance Schedule Weekly burnish or spray buff
Slip Resistance 0.5 min. by ASTM-D2047
Storage/Stability 1 year
Weight per Gallon 8.54 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw Stability 3 cycles

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