Grand Prix- Floor Stripper & Tire Burn Remover

A low odor, concentrated, high-powered floor stripper. Able to remove floor finishes completely with one pass without requiring a neutralizer. This unique formula provides the lowest end-use cost per gallon due to its high concentration.

Proudly Made in the USA

A low odor, ultra-concentrated (1:20), high-powered stripper that rapidly penetrates and strips off floor finish. A powerful solvent combined with organic compounds, penetrates and removes multiple coats of floor finish with minimum labor. This low odor formula is ideal for use in areas where odors are a concern. This high productivity floor stripper removes floor finishes completely with one pass and requires no neutralizer. This unique formula provides the lowest end-use cost per gallon due to its ultra-concentration.


Sweep or dust mop the floor to remove any debris. Dilute stripper 1:20 with cold or mildly warm water- simply add one quart bottle per mop bucket. The optimum use-dilution will depend on the age and buildup of the floor finish. Apply the stripping solution liberally using a mop or automatic scrubber. Allow to stand for 5 – 10 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY.. Be sure to completely cover floor to baseboards. Scrub with a rotary floor machine or automatic scrubber equipped with stripping pads. Pick-up the solution and old finish with a wet vacuum, automatic scrubber, or clean mop. Rinse thoroughly with clean cold water.

NOTE: The product must be used only as directed due to its unique penetrating and liquefying ability. Do not use undiluted product. Do not dilute with hot water. To determine the optimum use-dilution, pretest on a small area. Wet floor may become extremely slippery. Be sure to keep pedestrian traffic away from floor until thoroughly dry.

ColorLight Yellow
pH11.5 – 12.5
Ammonia ContentNone
Phosphate ContentNone
ViscosityWater thin
SolubilityComplete with water
Recommended Dilution1:20
Flashpoint (TCC)153 °F
Storage/Stability2 years
Weight per Gallon8.45 lbs./gal
Freeze/Thaw StabilityKeep from freezing

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