Recommended alternative: Factory Cat Model 34 Scrubber

The performance of the Advance Terra 28 walk-behind sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. Its 28 inch wide sweep path handles carpet with 2.5 times more productivity than a 28 inch wide-area vacuum (ISSA data). Plus, the Terra 28B’s side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping.Compact and easy to maneuver for even your smallest operators, the Terra 28B is rated at just 59.

Compact and easy to maneuver for even your smallest operators, the Terra 28B is rated at just 59 dB A – making it one of the quietest sweepers in the industry.


The Terra 28B features A.S.A.P. (All Surface All Purpose) sweeping technology. Sweeping efficiency is maximized as the operator transitions from one floor type to another without having to change the type of broom. Many times the transition can also be completed without having to adjust the broom height. The A.S.A.P. technology is made possible with a unique main broom design coupled with a well engineered skirting system. The specially designed main broom contains dual rows of soft and coarse bristles that will pick up everything from dirt and sand, to paper and plastic pop bottles on carpet and hard floor. The long-running, maintenance-free gel battery comes standard on the Terra 28B, while an onboard battery charger allows the operator the flexibility to plug the sweeper in any place there is an outlet.


The 28B was built with your green cleaning program in mind. Extra quiet operation allows daytime cleaning and contributes to operator safety. The bagless Terra 28B sweeper utilizes a durable polyester panel filter and the most aggressive filter shaker in its class, to minimize filter changes while maximizing indoor air quality.


One-Touch™ operation, streamlined design and superior maneuverability make this sweeper easy to use. The Terra 28B features traction assist for fast, easy sweeping. Tools-free broom removal and adjustment makes for easy cleaning at the end of the shift.


The Terra 28 from Advance is a versatile tool for a wide variety of cleaning and sweeping applications. The compact design and mobility of the sweeper makes it great for congested spaces like health clubs and casinos, while it’s powerful enough to handle heavy-duty sweeping in commercial cleaning facilities. Other popular applications for the in-door/out-door Terra 28B walk-behind include hospitals and healthcare facilities, office buildings, train stations and hotels.


The Terra 28B sweeper features a host of high-quality standard enhancements and innovative design aspects, and it is built to last and perform. It has an impressive max productivity of 31,200-square-feet per hour, a maximum speed of 2.5 mph and a forward traction system capable of climbing a 20% grade, making the 28B among the most impressive walk-behind sweepers in its class.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 28″ sweeping path
  • Battery Powered: 12 V, 87 AH gel battery that comes with an onboard charger
  • A few application locations would be schools, hotels, and offices
  • The hopper size is 2.1 cubic feet
  • 59 dBa sound level
  • One touch easy operation
  • Operator does not have to change brooms when changing floor types