Recommended alternative: Factory Cat Model 34 Scrubber

The Advance SW900 is the ideal machine for rugged industrial sweeping when indoors and out. Its single-stage high capacity dust control system delivers effective dust-free removal of dry debris. Running up to 3 hours on a single charge, the wide main broom and dual side brooms deliver edge-to-edge cleaning for maximum productivity. Its compact size allows the SW900™ to maneuver easily in narrow aisles and through doorways. The SW900™ is ideal for use in schools, warehouses, airports, entertainment facilities, colleges and countless other applications where economical and superior cleaning results are desired.


The SW900™ walk behind battery sweeper features a user-friendly design. The hopper can be removed and emptied with one hand then wheeled away for dumping. All maintenance can be performed without any tools. Plus, an onboard charger provides the convenience of charging anywhere a power outlet is available.


The SW900™ is effortless to operate with easy access to controls from the operator’s position. The handlebar adjusts to your desired height and folds to provide convenient transport and storage. The operator can adjust the main broom and side brooms to provide optimal sweeping performance at all times.


Get your industrial cleaning jobs done right with the superior cleaning power of the Advance SW900™ walk behind sweeper.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Sweeping width 24″ to 41″
  • Battery Powered: 12 V, 242 AH C20 or 12 V, 189 AH C20 gel battery which includes an onboard battery charger
  • Some application locations would be schools, airports, hotels and offices
  • 2.1 cubic feet hopper
  • 70 dBa sound level
  • 21 square foot dust filter with manual shaker
  • Wet sweep bypass protects filter when cleaning in damp environments