Advance SW8000 65D Sweeper

This model offers a very wide sweeping path, excellent dust control, and ease of use. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Combining the best in dust control and superior productivity, the Advance SW8000™ can clean virtually any location whether it is indoors or outdoors. Clean manufacturing plants, warehouses, rental centers, parking garages, surface lots, amusement parks, and municipal parks. Delivering the widest sweeper width in its class, the Advance SW8000 features a 50-inch main broom. Purchase the optional dual side brooms and increase the sweep path to an amazing 77 inches. In other conventional rider sweepers, the side brooms have to be raised when fugitive dust is a concern, which means dust can only be controlled with the main broom only. With the groundbreaking DustClear™ Five Stage Dust Control System, dust can be controlled along the complete sweep path because the side brooms can be utilized the entire time the machine is running. This increases productivity by 70% over conventional sweepers that only use the main broom to control dust.

The Advance SW8000™ is one of the easiest machines to operate in the industry. One-Touch™ controls and a single foot pedal controls the direction of the machine, as well as activates the brooms and dust control system.

Plus, the Advance SW8000™ offers excellent safety features. The Clear-View™ design allows the operator to directly view of the side broom without having to lean out of the machine. This makes for a safer and more comfortable ride. The 5mph bumper and impact-adsorbing roto-molded body keeps the operator safe. The sweep system only activates when machine is in motion, for increased safety and longer broom life.

Take sweeping to the next level; the Advance SW8000™ offers exceptional dust control, low maintenance costs, and advanced safety features.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 65″ or 77″ sweeping paths: Has a 50″ main broom and 26″ side brooms that can be controlled by the machines operator
  • DustClear: Side brooms help dust control by over 70%
  • Make operating easier by using the one touch controls
  • MaxAccess: Simple access to all the machines engine components including the full tip-back to floor engine compartment housing
  • Dumping: The 14 cubic foot hopper is controlled by the lever arm which can be found in the cab which contributes to the safety features of the machine
  • Green Features: Made up of recyclable materials, 81-83 dba sound level, unless the unit is moving the brushes do not turn, and it has an ultra-web filter that collects even the smallest amount of dust particles
  • Protection: Steel front grating aids in the protection of impacts
  • Options and Accessories: Brake lights, turn signal lights, backup warning alarm, work lights, strobe lights, overhead guard, and an enclosed cab that comes with heat and A/C