Advance Micromatic 14E Scrubber

Recommended alternative: Factory Cat MicroMag

Recommended alternative: Factory Cat MicroMag

The Micromatic™ 14E applies cleaning solution, scrubs, and removes the dirty solution, in one pass. The Micromatic 14E leaves hard floors clean, dry, ready for immediate traffic. With the 14E, an operator can effectively scrub 5,500 square feet per hour, almost 2.5 times more of an area that can be surface-wiped with a typical with mop and bucket in the same amount of time.

The most maneuverable automatic scrubber of its kind, the Micromatic 14E easily navigates narrow aisles and congested areas. It turns in its own length, and won’t leave solution on the floor. The Micromatic 14E is cord-electric, and simple controls and comfortable design make it easy to operate.

The cylindrical scrub brush cleans a 14-inch (34 cm) wide path, and works on virtually any floor surface, including grouted tile, raised tile, resilient tile, concrete, marble and ceramic. The unique shroud/squeegee head shifts sideways, for cleaning under furniture and around obstacles.. The 14E cleans right up to walls, and the squeegee system removes dirt in both forward and reverse directions.

Rugged construction assures the dependable Micromatic will stay on the job, but service and maintenance are inevitable. That’s why its modular components are easy to access. Plus, with Advance you get the support of an expert service department, and you’ll always receive top-of-the-line replacement parts delivered fast to locations around the world.

The Advance Micromatic is able to maintain peak performance thanks to the use of Nilfisk genuine OEM parts. When you choose an Advance machine like the Micromatic, you get innovative technology that reduces cleaning costs by maximizing productivity. The Micromatic 14E is a thoroughly efficient, economical and affordable cleaning machine.

The fast moving, tough-cleaning Micromatic 14E is helping locations ranging from schools and universities to government buildings and healthcare facilities put the mop and bucket away forever. This walk-behind automatic scrubber is agile enough for use in convenience stores, shopping malls and retail outlets, while it’s still durable for cleaning in manufacturing facilities. For maintenance contractors looking to increase productivity and reduce overhead, the Micromatic is a solution that leaves the competition in its dust.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 14 ” cylindrical brush
  • 3 gallon solution tank and 3.2 gallon recovery tank
  • 40 foot safety cord
  • 1,000 RPM brush speed
  • 17″ squeegee
  • 68 dba sound level