Advance Adgressor 3520 Scrubber

The Advance Adgressor 3520 is a reliable, productive industrial rider scrubber that is easy to use and maintain. Combining large scrub decks and solution capacities with maneuverability and speed, the Adgressor delivers high productivity. A steel chassis and metal bumpers stand up to tough operating environments while thick rotomolded polyethylene tanks will not dent, crack, or corrode.



The Adgressor with optional EcoFlex System delivers the flexibility to clean your floors more efficiently. You’ll reduce your cost to clean and create a more sustainable cleaning program.


Advance Adgressor 3520 Advantages and Benefits:

  • 32″ to 38″ disk or cylindrical scrubbing path
  • Battery Powered: 36 Volt scrubber with 6 industrial batteries for a longer run time
  • Cylindrical Decks: Two cylindrical brushes operate at 900 RPM. They also have two brooms that sweep the floor while also washing.
  • Disk Decks: Two disk decks operate at 250 RPM, easy to change pads and brushes, and have a greater brush surface area for polishing.
  • Optional EcoFlex System: This system gives operators the option to deepen their clean by selecting the pad pressure, detergent, and water.