Advance Adfinity X20R REV Scrubber

The Advance Adfinity X20R REV™ automatic floor scrubber from Advance is nothing like you’ve ever seen. In a single pass, Random Orbital Scrubbing technology scrubs deeper and more uniformly, leaving floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks.


You’ll see results immediately. The Adfinity REV is the first and only floor scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions: high speed ¼ inch micro scrubbing and 20 inch rotational low speed macro scrubbing. This powerful, patent-pending combination delivers a uniform, non-swirled floor surface while using less chemicals and water. In addition to being a daily scrubber, REV is so effective at deep scrubbing that multiple coats of old floor finish can be removed in a single pass without the use of chemicals.


The Advance Adfinity X20R Rev allows for you to save significant time and labor, and let you do away with corrosive and hazardous floor strippers and extra equipment. The REV deeply scrubs without leaving swirls, Its result is a clean, dry, completely uniform and prepared surface, ready for finish coating.


Other, “conventional disc scrubbers” on the market fail to get floors as clean as the Adfinity X20R, and they tend to make a mess in the process. Over a sustained period of use, they can also damage carpets and the baseboards that lie underneath because they use harmful chemical sprays. The result is more time and money wasted re-cleaning, and additional overhead requirements for staff and chemical solution supplies.


On the other hand, the Adfinity X20R uses innovative REV™ technology for superior results that outperform disc scrubbers. It comes standard with an impressive traction drive system for easy use, and it features a 24-volt wet, maintenance-free compatible onboard battery charger for improved productivity. Plus, the X20R has impact-absorbing, shock-mounted features, protecting the machine, as well as your facility, from accidental damage.


The newest addition to the Advance Adfinity line of compact walk-behind scrubbers, the Adfinity REV with Random Orbital Scrubbing Technology provides these important benefits for facility floor maintenance:

  • BETTER scrubbing with a more uniform result
  • MORE EFFICIENT restoring floors can now be a one-person job
  • GREENER using less chemicals, water, energy and labor
  • QUIETER allowing scrubbing at any time of the day
  • CLEANER scrubbing action that won’t spread solution to adjacent surfaces or carpet
  • MORE FLEXIBLE using water only or complete control of detergent, preventing overutilization