Cyclone CY210 & TR5000 Pressure Washer

The CY210 is maneuverable, chemical-free, and well-lit with LED headlights. See also: the TR5000 trailer for use with the CY210.


Quickly connect to any existing pressure washing system with pressures up to 5,500psi (379bar) and temperatures up to 200˚F (93˚C) to add the CYCLONE difference to your current cleaning system.

Up to 10,000ft² per hour (929m²) of environmentally friendly chemical free cleaning with instant waste water recovery at the Cyclone CY210 head without the use of an external vacuum system to eliminate water runoff and pooling.

Integrated LED headlight for high visibility improving production and consistency in dimly lit spaces and night time cleaning.

Maneuverable design to accommodate hard to reach areas increasing operator productivity and ease of use.


• Coated Surfaces
• Porous/Pervious Asphalt and Concrete
• Asphalt
• Pavers
• Running Tracks
• Tennis Courts
• Parking Garages
• Brick
• Stone
• Elastomeric Coating
• Thermoplastic Markings

Cyclone TR5000

Cyclone Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer TR5000 TR5500

Technical Specifications

Water Capacity 330gal. fresh
Wastewater Recovery Tank Separate tank for recovery
Pressure Pump 3,600psi @ 5GPM (248bar @ 18.9LPM) / Giant Pump
Power Source Kohler Pro Series 2-cylinder, gasoline, electric start
Fuel Tanks Gasoline / Diesel
Run Time Without recycling – 1 hour
Productivity Up to 10,000 ft2 per hour
Pressure Lance Standard
Pressure Hose 50ft standard for both supply and recovery
Heater Diesel-fired burner standard for water heated up to 160°F (71°C)
Trailer Dimensions (L x W x H) 174in. x 82in. x 77in.
Trailer Load Rating 7,000lbs. capacity with dual-torsion-bar axle
Trailer Walk-Behind Loading System Winch auto load system with pivoting ramp
Trailer Braking Electric brakes
Running and Brake Lights High-visibility LED
Taillight Electrical Connection 7 pin round
Trailer Ball 2 5/16in.
Tires 15in. 225/75R15 Transmaster
Weight with CY210 full of water 6052lbs.
Weight with CY210 empty 3,300lbs.

Cyclone CY210

CY210 Walk-Behind Pressure Washer

Technical Specifications

Cleaning Path 18in.
Input Pressure Up to 5,500psi
Pump Recommendations Minimum: 2000psi at 4GPM (137.9bar at 15.1LPM)
Input Temperature Up too 200°F (93°C)
Power Source Honda gasoline with electric start
Pressure Connections Supply: 3/8in. male quick connect / Recovery: 1in. cam lock
Spray Tips 2 spray tips protected by vented plate
Battery 12V for starting
Weight 410lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 68in. x 35in. x 42in.

Cyclone SK (Truck Mounted System; CY210 Standard)

Technical Specifications

Water Capacity 420gal. (1,589.9L) Combination
Wastewater Recovery Tank Fiberglass with Patented Internal Separation Baffles Easy Clean Out Tanks with Top Cap Access and 3in. (0.08m) drains
Filtration (2) 75micron and (2) 30micron / Stainless Steel, Fully cleanable and Reusable
Pressure Pump 3,600psi @ 6GPM (248bar @ 22.7LPM) / Giant Pump
Power Source Base Chassis Power Take Off
Fuel Tanks Gasoline / Diesel
Run Time Up to 6 Hours (Application-Dependent)
Productivity Up to 12,000ft2 / per hour (929m2/per hour)
Pressure Lance Standard 36″ Length
Pressure Hose 100ft. (15.24m) Standard for Both Supply and Recovery / Optional lengths available
Heater Diesel-Fired Burner Standard for Water Heated up to 160oF (71oC)
Chassis Third Party Chassis Available (Ford F-450 Shown in picture)
– Dimensions (L x W x H) 23ft x 7ft8in. x 7ft.6in. (7m x 2.33m x 2.28m) (LxWxH)
– Walk-Behind Loading System Side Mounted Liftgate with Winch System
– Full of Water with CY210 15,500 lbs. (7030kg)
– Empty with CY210 12,000 lbs. (5443kg)