Advance Adphibian Extractor-Scrubber

Advance’s Adphibian™ soft and hard floor machine creates maximum efficiency and flexibility by allowing cleaners to use just one machine to clean carpets and scrub hard floors.


The special anti-microbial brushes work on all surface types. Our patented AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System lets the operator choose the cleaning solution for all floor surfaces. A 30 second tools-free changeover allows operators to switch between a full-functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning cylindrical scrubber. The machine’s ease-of-use means fast training and consistent cleaning performance.


The Adphibian’s unique Deep Treat™pre-spray mode allows quick handling of heavily soiled areas by automatically applying and agitating any pre-spray detergent on carpeted surfaces. A simple push of a button then allows the same area to be extracted with clean water.


The Adphibian multi-surface machine is the first of its kind to be awarded the CRI Seal of Approval for low-moisture and deep-cleaning extraction. Adphibian features our patented dual-cleaning mode that lets operators choose between LIFT™ mode – Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning, and Restoration mode. For daily carpet cleaning, Advance’s patented LIFT™ technology uses a unique indirect spray that leaves carpets clean and dry in less than 30 minutes.


The efficient Advance Adphibian™ Extractor-Scrubber is ideal for a wide range of facilities including casinos, office buildings, health clubs and hotels due to its capacity to clean multiple floor types. The duel counter-rotating brushes help scrub heavily tread entry-ways and corridors, making it an excellent choice for large retail facilities, as well as airports, train stations and bus depots. The combination of rotating brushes and a proprietary squeegee system is 100% effective in picking up water, resulting in sparkling clean floors that are safe and dry.


Additional accessories and options for the Adphibian include a 255 Ah AGM maintenance free battery system, multi-surface wand kits and multi-surface CRI approved AXP detergents. With the added cleaning power and versatility, in conjunction with less maintenance and upkeep, Advance’s Adphibian washes the competition away.


  • Large opening allows for more complete and thorough recovery tank cleaning
  • Ergonomic control paddle
  • Convenient onboard battery charger
  • Debris hopper is easy to remove and empty
  • Single spray jet eliminates streaking
  • AXP Onboard Detergent Dispensing System allows for any brand of green-certified detergent