PowerBoss Atlas Rental Tools

User manual icon cleaning equipment rental toolWe constantly improve the tools we provide to our customers, and in an effort to give you a better understanding and overall experience, we’ve made a page dedicated to do just that. Below is information about the Power Cleaning Equipment you’ve just rented from Bortek– more specifically, the user manual, instruction outline, and even a video about your rental and how to operate it!*
PowerBoss Atlas Floor Sweeper

Pre-Op Checks:

  1. Check your engine oil level. It should be within operating range indicated by small holes on the engine oil dipstick.
  2. Check your engine coolant level.
  3. Check your fuel level.
  4. Make sure your machine is on and check your hydraulic fluid level.
  5. Check your brakes, steering and directional controls.
  6. Check for any signs of fluid leaks on and/or under your machine.
  7. Check the condition of your main brushes.Be sure that they’re free of any tangled debris.


  1. Open the hopper flap with the middle lever on the top left panel.
  2. Lower your brooms with the two levers on the bottom left panel.
  3. Activate your brooms with the left lever on the top left panel.

Post-Op Checks:

  1. Close the hopper flap and head to the dumping area.
  2. Shake out the air filter for 20-30 seconds. The switch is located below the top left panel and on the right.
  3. Raise the hopper, move into the desired position to dump, and open the hopper flap with the right lever located on the top left panel.
  4. Lower the hopper and make your way to the post-prep area.
  5. Raise the hopper once more & use the safety arm.
  6. Rinse out the hopper thoroughly.
  7. Clean the rest of the machine.

*PLEASE NOTE: Before operation, read the user manual for this rental machine. If you have any questions, contact us immediately! We’re here to help!