Types of Floor Scrubbers

There are a number of types of floor scrubbers, although some are not well-suited for industrial needs. Your grandmother may have used the old-fashioned method of getting down on her hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and a rag. Over time, products containing a handle like yarn, sponge and removable cloth mops have made the task of scrubbing floors a bit easier, although these methods require a great deal of time, and they are mostly inefficient for cleaning very large floor areas like those found in factories and schools.

Modern technology has introduced more efficient and effective cleaning machines for larger jobs. A walk-behind scrubber, such as the HammerHead 500RS, allows the operator to guide the machine, often without the need to actually push it. These machines combine a cleaning solution at a predetermined dilution level for maximum cleaning efficiency. Walk-behind scrubbers come in a number of scrubbing path widths for a variety of cleaning needs.

For larger floor surfaces, ride-on scrubbers like the Factory Cat GTR Scrubber allow operators to clean vast floor areas in a short amount of time, while also offering floor sweeping capabilities. Some units may also dry the floor as they clean, even when operated in tight corners. Riding machines also save wear-and-tear on the operator who does not need to stand or walk for long periods of time. Larger models contain large solution and recovery tanks that allow for extended operation without the need to empty the tanks, which results in even faster completion time.