Advance Terra 28 Factory Push Sweeper

The small but powerful Terra 28 Factory Push Sweeper is great for cleaning congested factory floors and hard to reach areas that larger sweepers just can’t get to. The machine’s small size makes it extremely maneuverable, perfect for cleaning tight spaces. The forward throw operation method allows it to pick up larger items like bottles and cans by tipping the front of the machine upward and placing it over the object, propelling it forward into the hopper.

The machine’s All Surface All Purpose broom technology allows for moving easily from one floor type to another, often without needing to adjust the broom height. The machine can be operated with just the main broom or a combination of the main and side broom for edge cleaning after sweeping, and the sweeping path is 28 inches.

The Terra 28 also provides safe and clean operation. The Active Dust Control system is automatically activated when the broom is turned on, keeping dust to a minimum during operation. The machine’s 59 dBA noise level provides for quiet operation so it won’t be a cause for disruption when operated near office areas. The onboard charger plugs in to any standard electrical outlet and the machine can operate for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge.

Despite its small size, the Terra 28 is extremely tough and durable, even capable of withstanding abusive operating practices. The no-tools broom changing and easy to remove hopper make for minimal downtime and the machine’s small size means it takes up little storage space.