Factory Cat Scrubbers

Used Factory Cat Sweeper-Scrubbers From Bortek Industries

When you buy used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers from Bortek Industries, you get machines that are as good as new, but for a fraction of the price. Most of our pre-owned stock either comes from clients that are upgrading to newer machines or are turning in a lease. These used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers represent the quality and high standards that clients expect from Bortek Industries.

Each of our reconditioned pre-owned machines has been thoroughly serviced by our knowledgeable technicians and is guaranteed to provide you with many years of reliable cleaning performance. If you are in the market for used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers, then turn to Bortek Industries for a high quality machine.

Used Factory Cat Sweeper-Scrubbers in Inventory

Whether you are looking for a walk-behind sweeper-scrubber or a ride-on industrial machines, we are continually rotating our stock. If you don’t see any available today, there may just be two in stock tomorrow. Feel free to contact our sales team to let us know what you are looking for, and we would be happy to help you find the ideal cleaning equipment for your application.

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High Quality Used Factory Cat Sweeper-Scrubbers

Tired of mopping the floor with a broom? There is an easier way. Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers can greatly increase your cleaning efficiently. In fact, rider models can reach speed of 49,000 square feet per hour. Combine that with large solution/recovery tanks and wide scrub paths, and you have a used sweeper-scrubber that is exceptionally productive.

Used sweeper-scrubbers are also battery-operated, so they can be conveniently charge virtually anywhere. Their compact size allows them to maneuver through tight aisles and around obstacles. No matter what the cleaning challenge, used Factory Cat sweeper-scrubbers can get the job done right.